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KEVIN COYNE - Kevin Coyne .... On Film @ 320

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Pascal said:
Dec 2005. 68mn. This is a collection of Kevin Coyne songs that appeared on films and documentaries. The sound is far from being hi-fi, some parts of songs are missing but some of these documents are rare and precious gems. Notes by Pascal Regis. Photo: Kevin Coyne singing Saviour in One Room Man.

1. Let’s Work Together (Wilbert Harrison)
From Musikfilmen (1976), a documentary film by Tommy Goldman, Dick Idestam-Almqvist, Stefan Jarl, Jan Lindkvist, Axel Lohman, Lennart Malmer.
The film documents the alternative festival against the Eurovision Song Contest held in Stockholm in 1975. The band is Gordon Smith and Andy Summers (guitars), Tim Penn (piano), Archie Legget (bass) and Peter Wolf (drums).

2. & 3. Having a Party
4. Eastbourne Ladies
5. Babble dialogue
6. Stand Up
From Kevin Coyne, Herz Aus Feuer (1979), a documentary film by Claudia Strauven and Wolfgang Kraesze.
Having a Party: Kevin, Zoot Money (keyboards) and Brian Godding (guitar) rehearsing in a studio – one of the highlights of this collection. Eastbourne Ladies: live with (probably) Bob Ward (acoustic guitar), Brian Godding (guitar), Al James (bass), Vic Sweeney (drums). Babble dialogue and Stand Up are from a Babble show (1979?) in Berlin with Dagmar Krause and two guitarists (most likely Bob Ward and Brian Godding).

7. Children’s Crusade
8. Children’s Crusade instrumental version by Wolfgang Wieder
From Kevin Coyne At The Last Wall (1982), a film of a concert at The Tempodrom in Berlin (in front of the Berlin Wall). Directed by Diethard Küster.
Included here is the music from the beginning and ending of the film; Kevin’s solo acoustic version of Children’s Crusade is a real treat. The actual show, featuring Kirtley, Bull, Lamb and Wilson, is available on a boot called “Tempodrom, Berlin”.

9. Rockin’ On
10. Best Friend
11. Gina’s Song Impro
12. Money Machine
13. Rockin’ On instrumental
From Schwarzfahrer aka Joy Ride (1983), a fiction film by Manfred Stelzer.
Hi-Fi lovers, beware! This is very bad quality sound and bugged by the film sound. It features however a few very rare songs from the “Legless In Manilla” area. Rockin’ On has never been issued on an album. Best Friend is very different from the version on “Romance Romance”. Gina’s Song Impro is Kevin improvising in the studio.

14. It’s a long Way to Tipperary (J. Judge/H.Williams)
15. Keep the Home Fires Burning (L. Ford/I. Novello)
16. Take me Back to Dear Old Blighty (Mills/Godfrey/Scott)
From La Grande Guerre En Chansons (1993) a documentary film by Gilles Nadeau, featuring French, English and German songs from World War One, sung by Kevin Coyne, Hanna Shygulla, Mouloudji, Marc Ogeret, Gérard Viala. Always the non-conformist, Kevin refused to dress up as a soldier, as the other singers in the film did… Musicians are Friedl Pohrer on acoustic guitar and Jean-Marie Sénia on piano. Blighty is totally different from the “Dynamite Days” LP.

17. to 20. I Want My Crown (trad. arr. Kevin Coyne)
From Kevin Coyne, The Unknown Famous (1997), a documentary by Diethard Küster. Recorded live in Bordeaux, France with Friedl Pohrer, acoustic guitar.

21. to 25. Pretty Park
26. My Little Angel (Wily Wagner/Ralf Gustke/Tom Liwa/Ali Neander/Kevin Coyne)
27. Du Bist…
28. Burning Head
29. Because you’re Mine (Nicholas Brodszky/Sammy Cahn)
30. Mad Man Blues (John-Lee Hooker)
31. Porcupine People
From Lebenslinien, Stolpernd in ein Kleines Glück (1998), a documentary film by Steffi Illinger.
Pretty Park and My Little Angel, live in Leverkusen and Chemnitz, Germany, with a band including Keili Keilhofer (guitar) and Werner Steinhauser (drums). Du Bist… is a live impro. Burning Head is a soundcheck recording with the same band. Kevin and his sister Angela sing Because you’re mine, a song from a 1952 film. Mad Man Blues, live, acoustic with Keili Keilhofer (guitar). Porcupine People: Kevin solo in the studio – an alternate version from “Sugar Candy Taxi”.

32. The Einstein Song
33. I Shouldn’t Bother
34. Best Friend
35. to 37. Forgive me (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)
From Loladamusica (2001), a documentary feature from VPRO (Dutch TV). The Einstein Song, Kevin solo at his home. I Shouldn’t Bother is a jam in a studio in Nürnberg in December 2000 with Keili Keilofer (guitar) and Werner Steinhauser (drums). Best Friend and Forgive me, live at Doomroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands on December
2000. Forgive me is a soundcheck recording with Robert Coyne (guitar), Michael Lipton (bass) and Juppee Little (drums).

38. One Room Man Songs # 1 & 2
39. River of Sin
40. Having a Party
41. Mad Boy
42. One Room Man Song # 3
43. Talking to no-one
44. Saviour (Archie Legget/Kevin Coyne/Gordon Smith)
From One Room Man (2003), a film by Boris Tomschiczek.
Kevin Coyne solo in this great film. Having a Party is an incredible performance. Saviour features Robert Coyne (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass) and Werner Steinhauser (drums).

Cheers Folks!
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I missed that one 1st time around. Thanks!S.ZENI.

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Hi Poor,

I believe, the VPRO doc. (Loladimusica, 1991) is made by Walter Stokman, a friend of mine. I'll phone him and inform you. His name is also forgotten (onknown) on the Pascal-site


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Hi Poor, I phoned Walter Stokman and it is indeed his film. He informed Pascal and as fast as the wind (?) was his name on the site! I asked Walter also if he had more material, not used for the film. He will look for it, these days, and make a copy for me, and other Coyne friends.

H. van Boxtel

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KEVIN COYNE - Kevin Coyne ___ On Film @ 320

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Thanks so much for the re-post! Thrilled to hear it. Ivan

icoa9125 said...

Thanks so much for the re-post! Thrilled to hear it. Ivan