Saturday, September 29, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - 1984 Legless In Manilla @ 192

Pascal said :
Collapse Records (Kevin Coyne's own label) RTD 22, Feb 1984 in the UK
Produced by Kevin Coyne
Kevin Coyne with Dave Sheen (drums), Steve Lamb (bass) and Pete Hope-Evans (harmonica)

Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne
Lyrics included (at least, in the CD)

Big Money Man 3:03
Gina's Song 3:59
Money Machine 2:07
Raindrop On The River (KC/SL, lyrics by John Pigeon) 3:00
Nigel In Napoli 2:21
Zoo Wars (KC/SL) 2:32
Black Cloud 3:38
Legless In Manilla (lyrics by John Pigeon) 2:56
Don't Raise An Argument (DS/KC) 4:09
Cycling 2:45

CD release: Golden Hind (a label of Rockport Records distributed by Rough Trade)
CD 388 7006.241, 1993, new artwork by Kevin Coyne

This one - great and last LP of the England period - is hard to find.
The absence of a lead guitar sets it quite apart from the other LPs.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - 2003 Schöneiche 2003-09-13 - 2 CD @ VBR

One more gem !

Pascal said:
Recorded live at Kulturgiesserei, Schoneiche, near Berlin, on Sep 13 2003. soundboard, very good sound.

Kevin Coyne with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 8:14
My Story (RC/KC) 6:44
Take Me Back In Your Arms 5:53
Out In The Park (AN/KC) 9:48
Burning Head (HP/KC) 8:14
Sunday Morning Sunrise 6:25
Having A Party 10:46
The Wobble (RC/KC) 7:12
Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 6:22
Dynamite Daze 7:34
A Loving Hand 6:49
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 9:56
Pretty Park 7:31

TT : 1:41:28

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Monday, September 17, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - 1980 Sanity Stomp @ 192

Pascal said :
Virgin VGD 3504, Nov 1980
(W. German Virgin 301 427-406)
(really two albums released together)
Back cover art by Robert Coyne

Disc #1 Produced by Paul Wickens at Berry Street Studios (engineered by David Hunt)
Kevin Coyne with Paul Fox (guitar), Segs (bass), Dave Duffy (drums), Gary Barnacle (sax) and Paul Wickens (keyboards) [actually, the band The Ruts]

Fat Man 2:30
The Monkey Man 3:04
How Strange 2:32
Somewhere In My Mind 3:25
When (See You Again?) (KC/PW) 2:32
Taking On The World 3:11
No Romance (KC/PW) 4:00
Too Dark (One For The Hero) (KC/PW) 2:45
Admit You're Wrong 3:55
Formula Eyes 2:09

Disc #2 Produced by Kevin Coyne at Alvic (engineered by Mike)
Kevin Coyne with Brian Godding (guitar and keyboards), Robert Wyatt (drums), and a bit of Bob Ward (guitar)

New Motorway 2:58
A Loving Hand 3:07
Fear Of Breathing 3:33
In Silence 4:36
Taking On The Bowers (KC/RW) 3:19 (or 'Take On The Bowers')
Wonderful Wilderness (KC/BG) 7:48
My Wife Says 3:58
The World Speaks (KC/BG) 2:27
You Can't Kill Us 2:04

CD release (1CD): Virgin CDV 3504, released in 1991.

Record #1 is pure power pop and works quite well; record #2 is very innovative avant-garde with Robert Wyatt.
In 1988, Brian Godding released a great instrumental jazz-rock LP called "Slaughter on Shaftesbury Avenue", recorded for the most part with GLS and where he played some of the themes from Sanity Stomp #2.

Says Kevin about 'Sanity': " I was quite ill when I made that record, as a matter of fact; I was quite mad, basically. That’s why it’s called Sanity Stomp. I had a nervous breakdown and, ironically, I don’t want to say ironically...amazingly...I was able to carry on making records. That’s a record I made when I was clinically ninety-five per cent nuts, and the themes are rather odd, but somehow it comes out as sounding all right. I’m amazed."

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Monday, September 10, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - 1992-02-27 - Frankfurt (bootleg) @ 320

A brilliant boot !

Pascal said :
Source: soundboard recorded for TV (the 2 different dates are probably the dates of recording and broadcasting).

Kevin Coyne with the Paradise Band: Henry Beck (keyboards) and Hans Pukke (guitar), Friedl Pohrer (bass), Martin Mueller (drums).

Intro by a German DJ 1:03 [not on FRANKFURT]
Kevin Coyne interview 3:34 [not on FRANKFURT]
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:09
Sensual (HP/KC) 4:36
Take Me Back In Your Arms 5:43
Go Sally Go (HP/KC) 4:50
Dynamite Daze 3:43
Sunshine Home (HP/KC) 5:11
Victoria Smiles (HP/KC) 5:00
Fish Brain 1:36
The Bungalow Song 4:11
Passions Pleasure (HB/KC) 5:39
Daddy 3:59
American Girls (HP/KC) 2:41
The Monkey Man (complete) 4:43
Outro by German DJ 0:49 [not on FRANKFURT]
Back Home Boogie Boogie (HP/KC) 3:20 (not on FRANKFURT]
Looking In Your Eyes (HP/KC) 5:28 [not on FRANKFURT]
TT : 73:23

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KEVIN COYNE - 1980 Bursting Bubbles @ 192

Pascal said :
V 2152 (in), Mar 1980
Recorded 1979?
Produced by Kevin Coyne and Al James at Alvic Studios, Wimbleton (engineered by Al and Vic)
Kevin Coyne with Brian Godding (guitar), Bob Ward (guitar), Vic Sweeney (drums) and Chris Hunter (sax)
Handwritten lyrics were printed on a large fold-out insert
Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne

The Only One 3:19
Children's Crusade 3:55
No Melody 3:18
Learn To Swim - Learn To Drown (KC/BG) 4:59
Mad Boy No. 2 (KC/BG) 2:57 [the 1st Mad Boy was on CASE HISTORY]
Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) 2:32
Don't Know What To Do (KC/BG) 3:44
A Little Piece Of Heaven (KC/BG) 2:43
Day To Day (KC/BG) 2:34
Golden Days (KC/BW) 2:48 [different form ELVIRA]
The Old Fashioned Love Song (KC/BG) 3:48

CD release: Virgin CDV 2152, released in 1991

Fascinating. Again, new musicians who come from a jazz/jazz rock background and take the music in another new direction. A personal favorite."

In 2004, Brian Godding told (on his website) about the recording of 'Bubbles'. Extract:
"Kevin said he’d like to continue the musical relationship at the end of the run of gigs and invited me to contribute to his next Album for Virgin records so of coarse I was well down for that. At this point I had no idea what he had in mind but I knew it would be something totally different to to what I’d done before and, it most certainly was! I’d long given up the desire to write’songs’ so I assumed that I’d turn up, plug in and learn a few songs he’d written but that was not the plan at all! Kevin (well actually Bob [Ward]) booked some studio time and on arriving and setting up Kevin looked at me and said,” got any tunes or cord sequences”?-------(!!!!!!) I beg your pardon( I thought!), well, for some reason( probably sheer terror!) I started fiddling around with this little sequence of riffs and cords and Kev’ said, “I like that, play it again”. So, I play it again, Kevin riffles through a pile of poems and lyrics and starts singing this amazing song over the top of it!! Bloody hell!( me thinks) this is going to be good when we sort it out! “Got that on tape Bob”? Kevin says as we grind to a halt after some time, Bob gives a nod from the control room and we appear to have ‘ Learn to swim, learn to drown’,the first track for the new album , Bursting Bubbles!!! I said to Kevin that maybe we should do another take at least but he just said “why”? He was of coarse right as this was the way he worked and we made the rest of the album in the same way( he did let me do a few overdubs though, just to keep me happy!) A very spontaneous performer and artist with the ability to pull it off and, of great importance, a very selfless and generous gent!!"

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Friday, September 7, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - 1978 Dynamite Daze

Available now !

Pascal said :
V 2096, Mar 1978
Recorded 1977?

Produced by Kevin Coyne and Bob Ward at Alvic, Wimbleton (engineered by Al and Vic), executive producer and Producer of Amsterdam: Steve Lewis

Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Bob Ward (guitar), Al James (bass), Vic Sweeney (drums), Paul Wickens (accordion, drums, mini-moog, congas) and Tim Rice (piano)

Dynamite Days 2:44
Brothers Of Mine 4:07
Lunatic 4:52
Are We Dreaming (KC/PW) 3:39
Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty (Mills/Godfrey/Scott) 1:27
I Really Live Round Here (False Friends) 3:56
I Am (Lyrics are a poem by John Clare, yet the EMI publishing lists has the song as written by Eric Robinson/Kevin Coyne) 2:21
Amsterdam 3:00
I Only Want To See You Smile 2:31
Juliet And Mark (KC/BW) 4:46
Woman, Woman, Woman 4:06
Cry (Churchill/Kohlman) 5:36
Dance Of The Bourgeoisie (Reprise) (KC/ZM) 2:00

CD release: Virgin CDV 2096, released in 1991 (the song I Am, who was originally credited on the LP label to John Clove instead of poet John Clare, is now credited to one Eric Robinson ...) Good bio by Robert Lloyd (The Nightingales).

A must-have. Magnificent and sad.

A Dynamite Daze poster:

Dynamite Daze was voted # 26 in NME Best of 1978 chart.

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KEVIN COYNE - Rare 1969-2000 @192


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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - 1986 La Nuit dans Montpellier - Crucifixion (by request) @ 192

Pascal said:
FM sound. Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me.
Kevin Coyne with Hans Pukke (acoustic guitar).

The World is Full of Fools (KC/BW) 5:06
Your Holiness (KC/PK) 5:54
The Old Fashioned Love Song (KC/BG) 5:01
How Do You Feel 2:13 (unreleased impro)
The Monkey Man 7:48
I Am The Devil 2:28 (unreleased impro)
House on the Hill 3:58
Jacques Brel 2:45 (unreleased impro) Kevin on piano
Freedom is what's in your Head/Dynamite Days 6:26 (unreleased impro)

The strangest boot... I'm quite sure the anouncer is the same as in THE CELLAR TAPES VOLUME 1. The show was recorded in Montpellier, France, for French cultural radio "France Culture". The theme of the show was "La Nuit des Chanteurs de Récits" (The Night of the Singer-Story Tellers) which featured several other artists and was recorded on July 20, 1986 and broadcast on Oct 10. Kevin was supposed to tell a story and sing... He talks a lot about death and the announcer translates in French! Kevin was most certainly drunk and in an improvising mood...

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KEVIN COYNE - Manege, Munich 21st MArch 1985 (by Request, 2 CD) @ 160

Pascal said :
Recorded live at the Manege, Munich (Germany), March 21 1985.
Kevin Coyne with Martin Odstrcil (a.k.a Martin Mallone or Martin Ostersehl) (acoustic guitar).

Having A Party 6:54
Fat Girl 4:15
Don't Know What To Do (KC/BG) 4:32
Juliet And Mark (KC/BW) 7:08 [with extra lyrics]
Can't Stand It No More 10:24 [unreleased]
Swimming Pool (Islands) 5:00 [unreleased]
Cry Baby Cry 4:57 [unreleased]
Sitting On Top Of The World (Trad.) 5:31 [unreleased]
The Don't Worry Adolf Hitler Blues 8:24 [unreleased]
Gina's Song 3:42
All Your Love 5:07 [unreleased]
Sex Machine (J. Brown) 5:02 [unreleased]
Sex Machine, The Bavarian Way (J. Brown) 2:21 [unreleased]
Hi, I'm Johnny Cash 3:45 [unreleased]
Don't Get Lonely 2:19 [unreleased]
Mein Frau 1:54 [unreleased]
You're The Girl For Me (Crazy About You) 2:18 [unreleased]
Your Holiness (KC/PK) 2:40

"From Kevin's point of view I suspect that the very poor quality of this is its saving grace as he's sounds the worse for wear drink wise. Mind you, from a fan's point of view this is brilliant stuff as he is so funny in a cringing kind of way. No one escapes his wrath from the Poles stealing wellies to Eamon De Velera. Johnny Cash is suddenly turned on and becomes a leather-clad gun-wielding fascist. What is it they say? 'Not for general consumption'." (Erik)
Yeah... Fat Girl is dedicated to Joan Amastrading: "Only woman who looks black and IS black", half of Can't Stand It No More is an harmonica solo, etc.
Most of the unreleased are really improv.

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - 1999 - 2002 - 2004 - The Andy Kershaw Sessions @ 320

Kershaw Sessions 1999 - 2002 - 2004

Total CD-R Time: 73:35

Pascal said:


1999, April 2

Kevin Coyne: voice, acoustic guitar(*)
Robert Coyne: electric guitar
Steve Smith: drums
(I suppose Robert Coyne did overdubs)

01. Intro by Andy Kershaw (0:31)
02. Bird Brain (3:46)
03. My Wife's Best Friend (3:56)
04. Chat I (7:53)
05. Lonesome Valley* (3:26)
06. Lunatic* (4:12)
07. Chat II (1:46)
08. Happy Little Fat Man (3:27)

Total time: 29:01

Same recordings as in BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 1990-1999 and ON THE RADIO 1977-1999. Great stuff.


2002, April 5

Brendan Croker: voice, acoustic guitar
Kevin Coyne: voice, acoustic guitar

09. Intro by Andy Kershaw (0:17)
10. Pass Me The Memories (2:34)
11. Chat I (2:56)
12. Looking From My Window (3:50)
13. Chat II (0:32)
14. Be Your Sugar Daddy (3:08)
15. I Want To Sit With The Girls (3:01)
16. Chat III (1:04)
17. Bored In The Office (3:13)

Total time: 20:39

Excellent and hilarious! Unlike the CD, Brendan sings too.


2004,October 28 (Broadcast Date Nov 7)

Kevin Coyne: Vocals
Andreas Blueml: Accoustic Guitar

18. Intro by Andy Kershaw
19. Smile Right Back
20. Tribute to John Peel
21. Locked Out
22. I Hear Voices
23. Dark Dance Hall
24. Weirdo
25. Andy Kershaw

Total Time 24:08

Wonderful session. Kevin also did a tribute to John Peel, who died a few days earlier (John Peel, an old friend of Kevin, was the first to sign him in 1969 on his Dandelion Records label, for his Siren LPs and for CASE HISTORY).

Sadly, probably his last recording.

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Tracks :
09. Introduction By Andy Kershaw

10. Pass me the memories

are missing in first post.
Posted missing tracks in second post (in comments).