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KEVIN COYNE TRIBUTE - The World Is Full Of Fools (2005) @ 320


Pascal said:
Nov 05: "THE WORLD IS FULL OF FOOLS - A Fan Tribute to Kevin Coyne" is released.
Featuring 18 Coyne covers by members of the Kevin Coyne Group plus a 1986 unreleased song by Kevin Coyne.
Free cdr, just ask! Chris McGorey from Chicago did a great job in coordinating this project and designing the artwork too!

Full list of contributors:
1. The World is Full of Fools - Adrie Meijer
2. I Believe in Love - Jim Landon
3. Everybody Says - Emma Warnefors
4. Right on Her Side - Nigel Burch
5. Talking to No One - Steve Glabman
6. Sunday Morning Sunrise - Geert Pelzer
7. Something Gone Wrong - Pascal Regis
8. I Really live Round Here - M van Willigen
9. I Only Want to See you Smile - Emma Warnefors
10. I Stood Up - Frank Bangay
11. Dark Dance Hall - Al Dilly
12. The Only One - Raymond Blizzard
13. Golden Days - Jim Landon
14. Admit You're Wrong - Alan Richardson
15. Take on the Bowers - Dog Latin
16. Smile Right Back - Steve Glabman

Bonus Tracks:
17. I'll Never Change - Kevin Coyne and Van Bluus (recorded in 1986).
18. Something's Waiting - Van Bluus (Track 18 written and performed by Van Bluus. Track 17 is the music from "Something's Waiting, with new lyrics and vocals by Kevin Coyne.)
19. No Competition - M van Willigen (Lyrics and music of this tribute song by M van Willigen)

My track 'Something Gone Wrong' from this Tribute cd was aired on a French local radio on Nov 23 2005 (92.2 MHz Dijon or

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - Opera For Syd _Nurnberg '99 @320


Image Hosted by

Pascal said :
Recorded live at Dreieinigkeitskirche, Nurnberg (Gostenhofer Jazztage). October 8 1999. Soundboard.

Kevin Coyne with The Achim Goettert Group (Achim Goettert (sax, arrangements), Michael Rodach (guitar), Mike Parker (bass), Toni Nissl (drums) plus special guest David Moss (vocals and drums)

Same as OPERA FOR SYD although song list is different and lyrics are totally different, meaning Coyne was improvising at every show!
Lyrics by Kevin Coyne, music by Achim Goettert (based on some Pink Floyd numbers).
All unreleased

Nothing to Miss/Astronomy Domine 5.08
Carnasyd Street 6.13
Washing Clothes/Scarecrow 6.10
London 1968 5.05
Come Silver Sands 9.25
Crocodile Shoes 7.07
N°22-Lucifer Sam 6.29
Do the Birdcage Walk 6.23
Hold your Head up high/Chapter 24 9.55
Fetch me the Shadow 8.06
Left the Past Behind 11.16
Check out the Moon 6.51
Maria Callas got the Blues 6.29

TT: 1:34:49

A more complete Opera for Syd show.The Maria Callas got the Blues is just excellent.

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - Opera For Syd _Leipzig '99 @320


Image Hosted by

Pascal said :
Excalibur 127 (also available directly from Goettert), recorded live at The Leipziger Jazzstage, Leipzig, Germany, October 1 1999
Recorded by MDR radio, Harry Nicolai

Kevin Coyne with The Achim Goettert Group (Achim Goettert (sax, arrangements), Michael Rodach (guitar), Mike Parker (bass), Toni Nissl (drums) plus special guest David Moss (vocals and drums)
A premiere of an opera based on the life of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd's first guitarist.
Lyrics by Kevin Coyne, music by Achim Goettert (based on some Pink Floyd numbers).
All unreleased

N°19-Astronomy Dominé 6:33
N°23 5:07
N°21-Scarecrow 6:48
N°22-Lucifer Sam 6:18
N°20-Chapter 24 12:44
N°25 7:48
N°27 10:40
Anyday-Anyway (encore) 6:03
_[a song from MANSION OF DREAMS]

Again a good boot. David Moss is great too, very effective and strange impro between the two singers.

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1975 Matching Head And Feet @ 256


Pascal said :
V 2033, Apr 1975. Cassette TC V20333 - US version VR 13-117 with typed lyric bag - Australian L 3555.
Recorded early 1975 at Farmyard Studios
Produced by Geoffrey Haslam at the Farmyard on the Manor Mobile (engineered by M. Glossop)

Kevin Coyne with Archie Leggett (bass), Tim Penn (keyboards), Andy Summers (guitar), Gordon Smith (guitar, harmonica) and Peter Woolf (drums). Horn arrangements by Geoffrey Haslam, String arrangements by Derek Wadsworth..

Handwritten lyrics were printed on a large fold-out insert :

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 5:31
Lucy ["Little Lucy" on the Insert] (KC/AL) 3:02
Lonely Lovers 4:18
Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:33
Rock 'n' Roll Hymn (KC/AL/TP) 3:38
Mrs. Hooley Go Home 6:04
It's Not Me 3:30
Turpentine 3:38
Tulip (KC/AS) 6:36
One Fine Day 4:55

CD release: Virgin CDV 2033, released in 1991

A Matching Head and Feet ad.:

A 'Matching Head & Feet' beer mat :
(thank you Bones)

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1975-08-18 - Complete Mummy @ 320

Excellent bootleg !

Pascal said:
In 2002, a complete Postaula - 4 new songs (*) - boot emerged:
Recorded live at Postaula, Bremen, Germany, Aug 18 1975, FM recording.

Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson (bass), Peter Wolf (drums)

Going Down Slow 3:31 [unreleased]
Eastbourne Ladies 4:54
Sunday Morning Sunrise 4:45
Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 3:58
Nobody's Fault But Mine (Blind Willie Johnson) 3:13 [unreleased]
Shangri-La 5:40
Poor Swine 3:39
Mummy 6:04
My Mother's Eyes (Gilbert/Baer) 4:27
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:53
House on the Hill * 7:44
One Fine Day * 6:30
I'm Normal * 2:15 [unreleased]
Turpentine (excerpt) * 1:09
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) 3:48

A pre-IN LIVING BLACK AND WHITE; Beautiful sound, superb unreleased songs (the hilarious "I'm Normal"): an excelent boot!

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - Kevin Coyne .... On Film @ 320

(Click on pictures to see songs and credits)

Pascal said:
Dec 2005. 68mn. This is a collection of Kevin Coyne songs that appeared on films and documentaries. The sound is far from being hi-fi, some parts of songs are missing but some of these documents are rare and precious gems. Notes by Pascal Regis. Photo: Kevin Coyne singing Saviour in One Room Man.

1. Let’s Work Together (Wilbert Harrison)
From Musikfilmen (1976), a documentary film by Tommy Goldman, Dick Idestam-Almqvist, Stefan Jarl, Jan Lindkvist, Axel Lohman, Lennart Malmer.
The film documents the alternative festival against the Eurovision Song Contest held in Stockholm in 1975. The band is Gordon Smith and Andy Summers (guitars), Tim Penn (piano), Archie Legget (bass) and Peter Wolf (drums).

2. & 3. Having a Party
4. Eastbourne Ladies
5. Babble dialogue
6. Stand Up
From Kevin Coyne, Herz Aus Feuer (1979), a documentary film by Claudia Strauven and Wolfgang Kraesze.
Having a Party: Kevin, Zoot Money (keyboards) and Brian Godding (guitar) rehearsing in a studio – one of the highlights of this collection. Eastbourne Ladies: live with (probably) Bob Ward (acoustic guitar), Brian Godding (guitar), Al James (bass), Vic Sweeney (drums). Babble dialogue and Stand Up are from a Babble show (1979?) in Berlin with Dagmar Krause and two guitarists (most likely Bob Ward and Brian Godding).

7. Children’s Crusade
8. Children’s Crusade instrumental version by Wolfgang Wieder
From Kevin Coyne At The Last Wall (1982), a film of a concert at The Tempodrom in Berlin (in front of the Berlin Wall). Directed by Diethard Küster.
Included here is the music from the beginning and ending of the film; Kevin’s solo acoustic version of Children’s Crusade is a real treat. The actual show, featuring Kirtley, Bull, Lamb and Wilson, is available on a boot called “Tempodrom, Berlin”.

9. Rockin’ On
10. Best Friend
11. Gina’s Song Impro
12. Money Machine
13. Rockin’ On instrumental
From Schwarzfahrer aka Joy Ride (1983), a fiction film by Manfred Stelzer.
Hi-Fi lovers, beware! This is very bad quality sound and bugged by the film sound. It features however a few very rare songs from the “Legless In Manilla” area. Rockin’ On has never been issued on an album. Best Friend is very different from the version on “Romance Romance”. Gina’s Song Impro is Kevin improvising in the studio.

14. It’s a long Way to Tipperary (J. Judge/H.Williams)
15. Keep the Home Fires Burning (L. Ford/I. Novello)
16. Take me Back to Dear Old Blighty (Mills/Godfrey/Scott)
From La Grande Guerre En Chansons (1993) a documentary film by Gilles Nadeau, featuring French, English and German songs from World War One, sung by Kevin Coyne, Hanna Shygulla, Mouloudji, Marc Ogeret, Gérard Viala. Always the non-conformist, Kevin refused to dress up as a soldier, as the other singers in the film did… Musicians are Friedl Pohrer on acoustic guitar and Jean-Marie Sénia on piano. Blighty is totally different from the “Dynamite Days” LP.

17. to 20. I Want My Crown (trad. arr. Kevin Coyne)
From Kevin Coyne, The Unknown Famous (1997), a documentary by Diethard Küster. Recorded live in Bordeaux, France with Friedl Pohrer, acoustic guitar.

21. to 25. Pretty Park
26. My Little Angel (Wily Wagner/Ralf Gustke/Tom Liwa/Ali Neander/Kevin Coyne)
27. Du Bist…
28. Burning Head
29. Because you’re Mine (Nicholas Brodszky/Sammy Cahn)
30. Mad Man Blues (John-Lee Hooker)
31. Porcupine People
From Lebenslinien, Stolpernd in ein Kleines Glück (1998), a documentary film by Steffi Illinger.
Pretty Park and My Little Angel, live in Leverkusen and Chemnitz, Germany, with a band including Keili Keilhofer (guitar) and Werner Steinhauser (drums). Du Bist… is a live impro. Burning Head is a soundcheck recording with the same band. Kevin and his sister Angela sing Because you’re mine, a song from a 1952 film. Mad Man Blues, live, acoustic with Keili Keilhofer (guitar). Porcupine People: Kevin solo in the studio – an alternate version from “Sugar Candy Taxi”.

32. The Einstein Song
33. I Shouldn’t Bother
34. Best Friend
35. to 37. Forgive me (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)
From Loladamusica (2001), a documentary feature from VPRO (Dutch TV). The Einstein Song, Kevin solo at his home. I Shouldn’t Bother is a jam in a studio in Nürnberg in December 2000 with Keili Keilofer (guitar) and Werner Steinhauser (drums). Best Friend and Forgive me, live at Doomroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands on December
2000. Forgive me is a soundcheck recording with Robert Coyne (guitar), Michael Lipton (bass) and Juppee Little (drums).

38. One Room Man Songs # 1 & 2
39. River of Sin
40. Having a Party
41. Mad Boy
42. One Room Man Song # 3
43. Talking to no-one
44. Saviour (Archie Legget/Kevin Coyne/Gordon Smith)
From One Room Man (2003), a film by Boris Tomschiczek.
Kevin Coyne solo in this great film. Having a Party is an incredible performance. Saviour features Robert Coyne (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass) and Werner Steinhauser (drums).

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - Empty Glass, Charleston, West Virginia, USA, 2000 @ 160

Pascal said :
Spring 2000, mono audience recording (MD) by Chris Plummer, two sets. Artwork by me.

Kevin Coyne with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupee Little (drums), Ted Harrison (bass), all three from The Carpenter Ants who also open for Kevin Coyne. Kevin Coyne and Michael Lipton (acoustic guitar) on *. The Amazing Delores, guest singer on **.


Sound check: Waiting and Wondering/Need Somebody (extracts)* 1:37 ["Waiting" unreleased]
Conversation with The Amazing Delores... 2:17
Marlene by The Carpenter Ants (support group) 3:43
Things Gonna Get Better * 5:27 [unreleased]
Need Somebody * 4:19
Chicken Wing * 3:55
Out on the Park (AN/KC) 6:38
My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 4:29
House on the Hill 5:43
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:51
Really in Love (HB/KC) 7:27
Take me Back in your Arms 6:14
Stand by Me (Ben E. King) ** 7:16 [unreleased]
Knocking on Heaven's Door (B. Dylan) 3:55
Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd) 4:30 [unreleased]
Rock me Baby (King, Josea, arr. KC) 5:18
Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:50
Knocking on Heaven's Door (B. Dylan) ** 5:25 ["Part 2", with new lyrics]

TOTAL: 1:32:02

Lots of unreleased songs, a good sound and a good band!

BOOK / 2CD: "Autant en emporte le Rock 1960-2000 (Best of)" .


(May 2000) A book of rock memories, in French, by journalist Jean-Noël Coghe. The two CDS include a concert by French prog-band Ange and a dozen interviews including one of Kevin Coyne.

Thanks to Pascal for this one !

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1986 July, 12-18, M. Industries - DDR @ 192

In DDR (German Democratic Republic)

Pascal said :

Compilation by Robert Steinhart. Excellent sound. The first shows with the Paradise Band; they had only one show in West Germany before they went East.
Hans Pukke (guitar), Robert Steinhart (bass) and Falk Steffen (drums).

Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) (recorded in Pössneck) 6:52
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) (Pössnek) 7:03
Pretty Park (Böhlen) 6:36
Having a Party (Berlin) 6:54
Turpentine (Leipzig) 4:27
Tell the Truth (KC/SB) (Dresden) 10:28
Harry from Magdeburg (Pössnek) 3:31 [unreleased]
Old fashioned Love Song (KC/BG) (Dresden) 3:32
House on the Hill (Dresden) 8:48
The Monkey Man (Böhlen) 8:11
I only want to See you Smile (Böhlen) 6:22
America (Böhlen) 6:59 [with a bit of Yellow Submarine!]
Dynamite Days (Dresden) 5:23
The World is Full of Fools (KC/BW) (Dresden) 7:10
Daddy (Böhlen) 1:29
TT: 1:32:45

This compilation (thanks Robert!) is really good and very surprising: the early Paradise Band was very close to the earlier English group (Kirtley, Lamb, Sheen), with Pukke very innovative on effects and synth-guitar. He even plays a bit of Hendrix's "Who Knows" on "Having a Party".

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1974 Blame It On The Night (LP, Cleaned) @ 320


Pascal said :

V 2012, May 1974 (cassette version TC VD 2012). probably recorded Feb 74?
Produced by Steve Verroca at The Manor (engineered by Simon Heyworth)

Kevin Coyne with Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass), Chilli Charles (drums), Ruan O'Loghlainn (sax), Fi Trench (piano, he also arranges horns and strings with Steve Verroca), Liza, Strike, Barry St John, Joanne Williams (backing vocals). Rick Dodd on sax and Terry Slade on drums play on Poor Swine*

Lyrics included *

Tracks :
River Of Sin 3:24
Sign Of The Times 5:32
I Believe In Love 2:46
Don't Delude Me 3:22
Wanting You Is not Easy 5:07
Take A Train 3:34
Blame It On The Night 4:26
Poor Swine 3:50
Light Up Your Little Light 4:33
Choose 3:08
Witch 6:13
Right On Her Side 4:04

*The LPs with the lyrics insert are even rarer!


a Blame It ad ("Just the album for you mother if she's a loud dirty boozy girl"...!) and there, another one :

and a third one:

*Poor Swine was the first song recorded for the album, when the early band (Smith, Dodd, Slade, Cousins) was working on the basic tracks. Also recorded at the same time was Let's Have a Party - later issued as a single and a LP - a fake live recording. Unreleased tracks from the same session include Another Man Goe Down and a coupe of others (Thanks Tim Penn for the info).

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1976 Heartburn @ 256

Coconut Island Included

Pascal said:
V 2047, Mar 1976.
(Canadian version same catalogue number but has a Polydor Canada logo on back).
Produced by Norman Smith (early Pink Floyd producer aka Hurricane Smith) at Olympic

Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson (bass) and Peter Wolf (drums)
Lyrics included

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 3:28 [old Siren number revisited]
Don't Make Waves 2:50
Happy Band 2:37
I Love My Mother (KC/AS) 4:40
Shangri-la 5:26
America 4:07
Big White Bird 2:05
Games, Games, Games 5:32
My Mother's Eyes (Gilbert/Baer) 3:27
Daddy 4:12 [reworking of MARJORY RAZORBLADE's Mummy]
Coconut Island 4:34

CD release: Virgin CDV 2047, released in 1991 with bonus track: Coconut Island (unavailable anywhere else, except as a live version with different lyrics on IN LIVING BLACK AND WHITE).

Heartburn poster :

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - Club Exlibris, Chemnitz, Germany, June 5, 1994 @320

Fantastic bootleg, excellent sound !

Image Hosted by

Pascal said :

Live At Club Exlibris, Chemnitz, 1994. Soundboard recording. Very good sound.
Kevin Coyne with Friedl Pohrer (acoustic guitar). Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me

Gina's song 5:42
Serves you right to suffer [J.L. Hooker] [unreleased] 4:20
Blame it on the Night 5:45
Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd) [unreleased] 5:32
Araby 5:27
Good Boy 5:32
There She Goes (KC/BG) 4:25
Having a Party 8:03
Hey Baby (Bruce Channel) [unreleased] 5:23
Talking to no-one 7:15
Victoria Smiles (HP/KC) 4:32
Karate King 7:05
Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 6:24
Lonesome Valley (A.P. Carter arr. KC) 3:52
Sea of Love (Khoury/Baptiste) 4:30
Cheat Me 6:27
Baby Blue (RC/KC) 4:27
The World Is Full of Fools 4:23

TT - 1:39:04

Beautiful show with an excelent sound; probably the best acoustic show with Pohrer boot.

Image Hosted by

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1992 Franz Club, Berlin @ 192


Pascal said :

Recording date: 20.05.1992. Source: Soundboard recording. Taped by Chris (Germany).
Hans Pukke (guitar), Friedl Pohrer (bass), Henry Beck (keyboards), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) 5.07
Victoria Smiles (HP/KC) 5.05
Sunshine Home (HP/KC) 5.35
Fish Brain 2.03
No Revolution (HP/KC) 4.11
Take me Back in your Arms 5.11
Rock me Baby (King, Josea, arr. KC) 5.40
Go Sally Go (HP/KC) 4.36
Juliet and Mark (KC/BW)5.32
Dynamite Days 3.31
Having a Party 10.43

There she Goes (KC/BG) 4.49
Keep a Knocking (R. Penniman) 3:25 [unreleased]
Passions Pleasure (HB/KC) 5.26
America 7.34
Love for Five Minutes (HP/KC) 4.14
Daddy 4.05
House on the Hill 7.16
Pretty park 5.53
The World is Full of Fools (KC/BW) 5.26
The Slave (HP/KC) 3.47


New drummer: young Werner Steinhauser who will stay till the end with Kevin acting as a producer and even a co-founder of the Turpentine Records label in 2004. In fact, Kevin liked to say that no other musician had stayed with him longer than Steinhauser.

A photo from that show :

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE & DAGMAR KRAUSE - Babble (1979) @ 320 & flac


Pascal said :
(Kevin Coyne and Dagmar Krause)
V 2128, Jun 1979. 200596 Virgin Ariola Benelux -Dutch
Recorded spring 1979. The songs had been written in 1976.
Produced by Bob Ward at Alvic Studios, Wimbleton (engineered by Al and Vic).
Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Bob Ward (guitar), Al James (bass), Vic Sweeney (drums), Paul Wickens (keyboards) and Jerry Decade (organ).
Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne
Lyrics included

Are You Deceiving Me? 2:54
Come Down Here 2:49
Dead Dying Gone 2:24
Stand Up 2:40
Lonely Man 3:11
I Really Love You 3:03 [1978 B-side]
Sun Shines Down On Me 3:00
I Confess 3:24
Sweetheart 3:00
Shaking Hands With The Sun 4:04
My Mind's Joined Forces 2:58
It's My Mind 3:50
Love Together 3:40
Happy Homes 1:40
It Really Doesn't Matter /
We Know Who We Are 3:58

CD release: Virgin CDV 2128, released in 1991

Fantastic. Pure masterpiece. Dagmar Krause (who sang with Henry Cow, Slapp Happy and Art Bears) is incredible. The complete musical with dialogues between Kevin Coyne and Krause was performed on stage but the text and musicians would change from one representation to another.

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - In Living Black And White (1977) @256



Image Hosted by

PASCAL said :

VD 2505, Jan 1977
Double live LP produced by R. J. Lange and Steve Lewis.

The record sleeve says the shows were recorded in 1976 in London, Middleborough and Edinburgh, UK but Case History No.2 was recorded in Manchester on Apr 6 1976.
Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson (bass) and Peter Woolf (drums)

Case History No. 2 6:08 *
Fat Girl 4:01
Talking To No One 2:35
My Mother's Eyes (Gilbert/Baer) 4:35
Ol' Man River (Kearn/Hammerstein) 2:25
Eastbourne Ladies 4:35
Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:15
One Fine Day 4:33
Marjory Razonblade 7:05
Coconut Island 4:55
Turpentine 3:09
House On The Hill 7:20
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) 3:53
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:45
Mummy 4:48
Big White Bird 2:14
America 4:45

CD release (one CD) omits Saviour: Virgin CDVM 2505, released 1991

Image Hosted by

Very powerful band. The first (UK) side with Zoot Money is, to me, Kevin Coyne at his very best. No one can beat him there.

Here is a badge from the 1976 Europe tour:

Image Hosted by

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1998 Südbahnhof, Chemnitz (2CD Set) @ 320


Image Hosted by

Pascal Regis said :

Südbahnhof, Chemnitz, Germany.
Very nice sound.
Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me.

Kevin Coyne
Keili Keilhofer (guitar),
Henry Beck (keyboards),
Hans Schmukke (bass),
Werner Steinhauser (drums).

I Want Somebody 4:00 [Clarence Edwards? unreleased]
Burning Head (HP/KC) 4:32
Aching Heart (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 6:55
America 7:49
My Little Angel (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 6:13
Sugar Baby 3:06
Having a Party 9:04
Pretty Park 9:31
Send me some Loving (Price-Marascalco) 3:48
Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 5:29
Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 9:54
Hush Hush (J. Reed) 5:30 [unreleased]
Really in Love (HB/KC) 8:01
The Monkey Man 7:36
Weirdo (TL/KC) 6:36
I don't Want to Leave You Now [unreleased impro] / Louie Louie (R. Berry) [unreleased] 4:21

Same big band... America is dedicated to "Bill Clinton, Monika Lewinsky and me, suzamen in eine grosse Bed"...

Image Hosted by

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1984 Saviour 2 CD Set @320


 photo front-1.jpg

Artist: Kevin Coyne
Venue: Zaal De Schaaf, Leeuwarden, NL
Date: 1984-01-19
CD cat no:
Remark: SBD

Kevin Coyne - voc, guit
Peter Kirtley - guit
Steve Lamb - bs
Dave Sheen - dr

Image Hosted by


* 1984-01-19 Zaal De Schaaf, Leeuwarden, NL
01 Dark Dance Hall 04:51
02 Don´t Know What To Do 06:07
03 Day To Day 05:26
04 Nothing Seems To Matter 07:18
05 Gina´s Song 04:52
06 Mad Boy No. 2 02:42
07 Saviour 08:16
08 Houses On The Hill 09:11
09 Nobody's Bundle of Joy/Dimples 07:05
10 There She Goes 05:59
11 The Old Fashion Love Song 04:35
12 Pretty Park 04:49


* 1984-01-19 Zaal De Schaaf, Leeuwarden, NL cont.
01 Knocking On Heavens Door 09:19
02 Lucille 03:47

* 1982-03-27 Poetry Night, Paradiso Amsterdam, NL
Kevin Coyne - voc (poetry reading)

03 Burn 01:49
04 Fight 01:56
05 Looking For The River 01:45

* 1980-08-09 BruPop Festival, Bruinesse, NL
Kevin Coyne - voc, guit
Bob Ward - guit
Dan Brown - bs
Pete Wolf - dr

06 Mummy 04:58
07 Eastborne Ladies 04:13
08 Majory Razorblade/Childrens Crusade 07:09
09 Lonely Lovers 03:32
10 Saviour 05:31
11 Learn To Swin - Learn To Drown 04:35
12 Memory Lane 05:00

Artwork included !


Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1978 Millionaires And Teddy Bears @320

One of the best Kevin's albums !

Image Hosted by

Pascal Regis said :

V 2120, Jan 1979. 200 215-320 German.
Produced by Kevin Coyne and Bob Ward at Alvic (engineered by Al and Vic)
Kevin Coyne with Bob Ward (guitar), Paul Wickens (keyboards), Vic Sweeney, (drums) and Al James (bass)
Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne
Lyrics included (The Virgin France lyrics sheet says 'Milliardaires and Teddy Bears'...)

People (KC/BW) 3:21
Having A Party 4:20
I'll Go Too 3:30
I'm Just A Man 3:35
Pretty Park 5:35
Let me Be With You 3:38
Marigold 3:12
Don't Blame Mandy 2:57
Little Miss Portobello 3:48
Wendy's Dream 4:05
The World Is Full Of Fools (KC/BW) 3:10

CD release: Virgin CDV 2096 or CDV2110, released in 1991.

Another fantastic album in the same vein as DYNAMITE DAZE.
A Millionaires double page : "

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

One of my favour Kevin's song :

The World Is Full Of Fools (Kevin Coyne/Bob Ward- 1979)

The big bookcase it hides the window
It means I cannot see out
No ragged heads, no ragged minds are
Going to mess me, mess me about
Going to keep it right, don't mention the night
Down by the lakeside, I'm sitting with pamphlets strewn all over me
White squares of paper full of ideas
I throw them all in into the sea
They sail away, sail away
Because the world is full of fools
Ah, the world is full of fools
Yes, the world is full of fools
But it doesn't make them bad people
It's a sunny day, sun like a bauble rolling over the sky
Telephone conversation, someone tells me the weather is
Mighty fine, the sun's divine
Come on outside, enjoy yourself
But I can't, I don't know why
Maybe you can change that for me
I know I'm deep
I seem to be asleep
Hold me now, squeeze me now
You can do it somehow
It's not too late
Tell me, tell me, tell me
The world is full of fools
Yes, the world is full of fools
Oh, the world is full of fools
But it doesn't make me a bad person

That's all! Enjoy !
And don't blame Mandy ! :-)

Cheers Folks!
Posted by poor

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