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KEVIN COYNE - In Living Black And White (1977) @256



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PASCAL said :

VD 2505, Jan 1977
Double live LP produced by R. J. Lange and Steve Lewis.

The record sleeve says the shows were recorded in 1976 in London, Middleborough and Edinburgh, UK but Case History No.2 was recorded in Manchester on Apr 6 1976.
Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson (bass) and Peter Woolf (drums)

Case History No. 2 6:08 *
Fat Girl 4:01
Talking To No One 2:35
My Mother's Eyes (Gilbert/Baer) 4:35
Ol' Man River (Kearn/Hammerstein) 2:25
Eastbourne Ladies 4:35
Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:15
One Fine Day 4:33
Marjory Razonblade 7:05
Coconut Island 4:55
Turpentine 3:09
House On The Hill 7:20
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) 3:53
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:45
Mummy 4:48
Big White Bird 2:14
America 4:45

CD release (one CD) omits Saviour: Virgin CDVM 2505, released 1991

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Very powerful band. The first (UK) side with Zoot Money is, to me, Kevin Coyne at his very best. No one can beat him there.

Here is a badge from the 1976 Europe tour:

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Cheers Folks!
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poor said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Poor, what an excellent blog. I got this one and Millionaires and Teddy Bears. Kevin was a treasure.


Rich S.

Graham Clark said...

i moved to america in 1990 after having spent a few evenings with kevin after gig in a couple of european cities over the prior 20 years .. what a shock to find out a few months back he passed away

anyway this is one of my favourite LP's i still need to get the cd for .. there were always rumors video / film that was recorded with this .. does anyone know where it can be found .. and a TV quality version of an evening with would be nice too

Graham "Frodo" Clark

Poor said...

The three videos that make up the evening with are on You Tube and are on my myspace page -
Tony D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I have the USA vinyl version, so it's missing half the songs.

James Silberbauer said...

Thank you, this is a gorgeous monster!

Such a pity it's not released on cd.
...It's WAY better than I expected (and I expected much).

Anonymous said...

this album is now (Jan 2010) again available for official download + many bonus tracks