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KEVIN COYNE - Amsterdam Vondelpark 1977 @ wav

KEVIN COYNE - Amsterdam Vondelpark 1977  @ wav

Vondelpark, Amsterdam
Probably between Spring and Autumn 1977

Kevin Coyne solo on acoustic guitar with Bob Ward (special effects)

    Fat Girl 6 :10
    Pointing the Finger 3 :36
    Mummy / Daddy / I love my mother 5 :23
    Amsterdam [different lyrics, much nicer to the city!] 4 :11
    A Little Prayer [short extract] 0 :12  [unreleased]
    Good Boy 5 :09
    Mad Boy [beginning with an impro] 3 :59
    Blame it on the Night [cuts] 3 :45
    Marjory Razorblade [extract] / Marlene 3 :57
    I Want my Crown (trad. arr KC) 3 :22
    Keep you Lamp Trimmed and Burning (trad. arr by KC) 1 :28
    Cripples Parade [unreleased] 3 :32
    Sunday Morning Sunrise 3 :24
    Blame it on the Night 3 :38 (the same as track 8)

Thanks to Ron for this boot, and to Pascal & Uwe for info.

Cheers Folks!
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Kevin Coyne - Rencontre avec Richard Branson

 Few months ago Pete send me link for this one :

Kevin Coyne - Rencontre avec Richard Branson (mp4)

Pascal (& Uwe) said:

- Steve Dinsdale found this on INA website: "RENCONTRE AVEC RICHARD BRANSON" from the French TV show "Pop Deux", Nov 1st 1973. A feature about Branson and the new Virgin label. Features an absolutely great acoustic show of Kevin with Gordon Smith performing Marjory, Good Boy and I Want my Crown. Also a nice interview.

Thanks Pete !

Kevin is beginning around 14 min.

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1986-07-19 - NUERNBERG, Burggrabe

KEVIN COYNE - 1986-07-19 - NUERNBERG, Burggraben  
@ flac

Spacebandit said:

Burggraben, Nuernberg, Germany
July - 19 - 1986
Outdoor show
from SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 705
Rec. Info:
unknown lineaged very low-gen FM recording. This tape (TDK SA90) -> playback on NAK DR3* -> HD -> WeTransfer -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC ->
YOUR EARS AND MIND...on turpentine! * done by SEETHEFUZZ7
Unfortunately just a snippet of this great show from one of the finest singer/songwriters ever walked this earth! Also, the tracks are definitely not in the correct running order,
as all tracks faded out (quite amateurishly done) during the applause. The first song is maybe the last of this show, or at least the last before the encore. My guess is that this
origins from a BR3 "Zündfunk" broadcast. Anyway, the sound is very nice to excellent. I added a bit more low end for a more satisfying listening.
As mentioned before, KEVIN COYNE, multitaltented artist of music, poetry and painting, left this world far too early. A few weeks before his 61th birthday he passed away from the
complications of a lungdesease in late 2004. A resident of Nuernberg since 1985, he chose Germany as his home to concentrate on his full scale of artistry and got married there, too.
Praised as an so called "anti-star", he never floated along with the music biz, but stood straight and strong to his own believes. Great man, indeed.
My first encounter with him was when I watched a videotape of his 1976 Rockpalast show in the early 80's and thought: Well, that guy is really MAD! But I loved the performance.
Unfortunately I saw him only once in 1990 at infamous "Hyde Park" in Osnabrueck, when he opened for Randy California's SPIRIT. I can cleary remember him grumbling about the fact that
"someone" teamed him up with that band (all in the "sung" song interludes!) and surely he stole the show from them. Think I shit in my pants from laughter about this crazy supreme
cynical humour... Ok, it was an odd pairing, indeed. So, I hope there are a lot more tapes from him out there, waiting to be released or reseeded in the year of his 70th anniversary
and sadly the 10th of his passing. And wherever his soul is now, he won't be the comfortable guy, but a righteous man who never let anyone bow him. SB.
ALL THAT WAS ON TAPE (36:04 min.)

01. Turpentine (4:15)
02. The World is Full of Fools (4:33)
03. Tell the Truth (6:03)
04. Mummy (6:10)
05. Saviour (6:29)
06. Gina's song (6:11)
07. Let me be with you (2:20) fades out midsong

Setlist is a matter of guess, sorry no PRETTY PARK or HOUSE ON THE HILL here...
Also, unfortunately no details about the lineup. Maybe someone can help with both?

Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. No lossy net use! Flac rules!
If you sell...you wanna get some turpentine? Tasty!

Uploaded for the memory of KEVIN COYNE (27.01.1944 -> 02.12.2004) on DIME by Spacebandit 2014/09/02 "

Uwe sent more info:

"The 3rd track is ‘Tell the truth’ from “Politicx” album.

Line up: 
Hans Pukke (guitar), 
Robert Steinhart (bass) and 
Falk Steffen (drums). 

The show happened the day after the band returned from their GDR tour that we have as bootleg too."

Thanks for Spacebandit and people from Dime for this boot.
Also thanks to Uwe for more info.

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KEVIN COYNE - 1979 Babble, Rock Club (live boot) @ 192

KEVIN COYNE - 1979 Babble, Rock Club (live boot) @ 192
(by request)

Pascal said:

Recorded live in 1978 (between 31 July and 3rd August - for years I thought this was from 1979), at Rock Club, Covent Garden, London, good sound. Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me.
Kevin Coyne with Dagmar Krause (vocals), Zoot Money (keyboards), Brian Godding (guitar - first recorded appearance with Coyne. Godding had played with The Blossom Toes, Magma and many more).
Total time 62:00. 
Same titles as the BABBLE LP (although a year before the album) plus monologues.

Are You Deceiving Me? 2:54
Come Down Here 2:49
Dead Dying Gone 2:24
Stand Up 2:40
Lonely Man 3:11
I Really Love You 3:03 [1978 B-side]
Sun Shines Down On Me 3:00
I Confess 3:24
Sweetheart 3:00
Shaking Hands With The Sun 4:04
My Mind's Joined Forces 2:58
It's My Mind 3:50
Love Together 3:40
Happy Homes 1:40
It Really Doesn't Matter /
We Know Who We Are 3:58

This is the best Babble boot ever: good sound and performance, a splendid - as ever - Zoot Money, amazing lyrics. For these first performances of Babble (a year before the album), Kevin Coyne does monologues between the songs, with a totally different text from the 1979 Europe and London performances. For the moment, Dagmar sticks to singing.
Michale recalls for the Kevin Coyne Group: "I know this  recording along with a number of other Coyne recordings of this period are often attributed to others, but it was often me with a Sanyo cassette recorder dangling over the monitor at the front of the stage, and usually with Kevin’s blessing. I recall that this was one of four nights of Babble at the Rock Club and on the next night  Kevin had to sing every song as Dagmar was ill. Wish I’d recorded that one! Kevin’s then wife Lesley was at that particular show and upon learning she was disappointed in missing Dagmar, I piped up and offered and subsequently sent her a copy of this recording."

The Babble chronology is :
Rock Club London July 78
June 79 album out and Europe tour (Paris, Sweden, Holland, Germany)
June 79 the scheduled show at Stantford Theatre is cancelled because of The Sun controversy.

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Cheers Folks!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kevin Coyne - 2001-08-23 M.I.T. Pittsburgh PA @ flac


Pascal said:
Aug 23 2001, audience recording, excellent sound.
Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me
Kevin Coyne solo (*)
and with
Michael Lipton (guitar),
Jupiter Little (drums),
Robert Coyne (bass, guitar, keyboards).

Uggy's Song * 3:09
Cheat Me * 3:12
Lunatic * 5:01
Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:41
House on the Hill 5:49
Mrs. Hooley Go Home (KC/AL) 6:06
Talk 0:37
Out in the Park (AN/KC) 6:42
Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 6:02
Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 4:17
Talk 0:59
Take me Back in your Arms 5:53
Talk 0:58
Having A Party 6:48
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 6:53
I'm Wild (RC/KC) 6:09

Thanks to Zubbid for this boot.
His words you can read in

Link in comments.
Cheers Folks!

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Few boots sent by Pete

Pete R. sent me next boots (a BIG thanks) :


Kevin Coyne with Friedl Pohrer (acoustic guitar)

Side One 48:56

Having a Party
Gina's Song
There She Goes (KC/BG)
Talking to No-one
Karate King
Heart of Hearts (FP/KC)

Side two 44:55

Victoria Smiles (HP/KC)
Cheat Me
Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd)
Blame it on the Night
Sea of Love (Khoury/Baptiste)
Lonesome Valley (A.P. Carter arr. KC)
Baby Blue (RC/KC)
Hey Baby (Bruce Channel]

POLGOOTH FAYRE, Cornwall 11th August 1979

Kevin Coyne solo and with Zoot Money (piano)

Side One 45:23

Right on her Side
Having a Party
Saviour (KC/AL/GS)
Uggy's Song
Poor Swine
Good Boy
Dance of the Bourgeoisie
Dynamite Days
Are We Dreaming (KC/PW)

Side Two 27:40

Pretty Park
Old Soldier
Eastbourne Ladies
Roses In Your Room
Strange Locomotion


Recorded live at the Town Hall, Battersea (UK), Wed Jan 30 1980 in support of the Grand Gala show to save Battersea Arts Centre.
Kevin Coyne solo with sound effects and with Bob Ward (electric guitar).
(I do have a copy of the program for this event)

Side One 30:56

Help Me (We Need Love)
Fat Girl
Evil Island Home
Dance Of The Bourgeoisie
Pointing The Finger

Side Two 30:56

Sunday Morning Sunrise
Having A Party
One Fine Day
Memory Lane (Part 12)

Also on this tape:-
Strange Locomotion (from TV) The last rainbow gig 1977
Gimme Some Lovin Shaw Theatre 1977



Apr 17 1980.

Bob "The Soljenitsin of R'n'R" Ward (guitar), Danny Brown (bass), Peter Wolf (drums)

Side One 46:39

Having a Party 7:03
Dynamite Days 5:04
The Death of Beethoven/The Death of Gary Newman [unreleased] 0:30
Amsterdam 9:00
Mrs Hooley Go Home (KC/AL) 4:13
Brothers Of Mine 3:15
Running Bear/I Love You Because/ Moonlight Bay
Kevin Coyne filling in while Bob Ward changes a guitar string 2:59
Marjory Razorblade Suite 7:00

Side Two 46:07

Talk Is Cheap (KC/BW) [unreleased] 3:18
Talk About Love [unreleased] 6:22
Throw It All Away (KC/BW) [unreleased] 4:11
Memory Lane (Part 976) [unreleased] 5:30
Keep it Burning [unreleased, based loosely on Blind Willie Johnson's 'Keep your Lamp trimmed and Burning'] - titled on my tape Somethin's Coming You Way 5:44
Eastbourne Ladies 4:32
Learn To Swim - Learn To Drown (KC/BG) 4:42

Also on tape:-
Memory Lane (Part 12) from John Peel

Don't Make Waves
from the TV Program 1977

What's That In The Water
Good Boy
Talkin To No-one
Don't Make Waves

Thanks one more time to Pete R.
His words:
The Loddiswell recording is my own, as (I think) is the Battersea Town Hall, 

I used to know Kevin around that time and visit him after Sunday lunchtimes "down the pub".

Links in comments!

Cheers Folks!

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KEVIN COYNE - 1977 Beautiful Extremes etc (EAC,log,cue,flac,scans)

Never released as a CD !
What a pity !
Fantastic album !

Pascal said :
(HOL) Virgin 25527 ET (Ariola 25527 ET), released late 1977.
Kevin Coyne solo and with Bob Ward (guitar)

Something Gone Wrong 3:56 Alvic, Jan 1977
Looking For The River 3:03 The Manor, Oct 1974
Roses In Your Room 4:23 Alvic, May 1976
Face In The Mirror 5:20 The Manor, Mar 1975
All The Battered Babies 3:11 Alvic, APR 1976 [not on BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES ETC]
Right In Hand 3:40 BBC, Aug 1974
Hello Friends, Hello Everyone 3:47 Alvic, Jan 1977
Mona, Where's My Trousers 2:58 The Manor, Mar 1975
So Strange (KC/BW) 3:57 Alvic, Jan 1977
Rainbow Curve 3:30 BBC, Mar 1977
Fool, Fool, Fool 3:55 Alvic, Jan 1977 [not on BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES ETC]

This one is a rare one... Never released as a CD

A fantastic collection of unreleased acoustic and innovative titles recorded when the band was becoming heavier and maybe too "commercial" for Kevin Coyne.

Reissued in UK with two substitutions and a different artwork as:

Cherry Red, MRED 43, Feb 1983
Kevin Coyne solo and with Bob Ward (guitar)
Compiled by Eugene Coyne

Something Gone Wrong 3:56 Alvic, Jan 1977
Looking For The River 3:03 The Manor, Oct 1974
Roses In Your Room 4:23 Alvic, May 1976
Face In The Mirror 5:20 The Manor, Mar 1975
Love In Your Heart * 2:49 Alvic, Aug 78 [not on BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 74-77]
Poor Little Actress 4:07 Alvic, Sept 1978 [not on BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 74-77]
Right In Hand 3:40 BBC, Aug 1974
Hello Friends, Hello Everyone 3:47 Alvic, Jan 1977
Mona, Where's My Trousers 2:58 The Manor, Mar 1975
So Strange (KC/BW) 3:57 Alvic, Jan 1977
Rainbow Curve 3:30 BBC, Mar 1977

* from the one man stage show Fat Old Hero, also on the various artists album
PILLOWS AND PRAYERS, Cherry Red Z RED 41, Nov 1982

Never released as a CD

Posted both versions :
01 Something Gone Wrong - 3:56 Alvic, Jan 1977
02 Looking For The River - 3:03 The Manor, Oct 1974
03 Roses In Your Room - 4:23 Alvic, May 1976
04 Face In The Mirror - 5:20 The Manor, Mar 1975
05 All The Battered Babies - 3:11 Alvic, APR 1976 [not on BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES ETC]
06 Love In Your Heart - 2:49 Alvic, Aug 78 [not on BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 74-77] 6
07 Right In Hand - 3:40 BBC, Aug 1974
08 Hello Friends, Hello Everyone - 2:30 Alvic, Jan 1977
09 Mona, Where's My Trousers - 2:58 The Manor, Mar 1975
10 So Strange (KC/BW) - 3:57 Alvic, Jan 1977
11 Rainbow Curve - 3:30 BBC, Mar 1977
12 Fool, Fool, Fool - 3:55 Alvic, Jan 1977 [not on BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES ETC 74-77]
13 Poor Little Actress - 4:07 Alvic, Sept 1978 [not on BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 74-77]

Hope clicks and pops removed completely!

Cheers Folks!
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Pascal said :
Recorded live at The Leipziger Jazzstage, Leipzig, Germany, October 1 1999
Recorded by MDR radio, Harry Nicolai

Kevin Coyne with The Achim Goettert Group (Achim Goettert (sax, arrangements), Michael Rodach (guitar), Mike Parker (bass), Toni Nissl (drums) plus special guest David Moss (vocals and drums)
A premiere of an opera based on the life of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd's first guitarist.
Lyrics by Kevin Coyne, music by Achim Goettert (based on some Pink Floyd numbers).
All unreleased

N°19-Astronomy Dominé 6:33
N°23 5:07
N°21-Scarecrow 6:48
N°22-Lucifer Sam 6:18
N°20-Chapter 24 12:44
N°25 7:48
N°27 10:40
Anyday-Anyway (encore) 6:03
_[a song from MANSION OF DREAMS]

Again a good boot. David Moss is great too, very effective and strange impro between the two singers.

A big thanks for people from Dime for this one !

Cheers Folks!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Thank you Folks for 100.000 visits to Kevin's blog.
It's proof that a great man isn't forgotten.
God blessed you!


KEVIN COYNE - 2002-04-08 Munich BR Lounge Konzert FM @ flac

KEVIN COYNE - 2002-04-08 Munich BR Lounge Konzert FM @ flac

Tracks 01-15:
Date: 2002-04-08 (8 April 2002)
City: München (Munich), Germany
Venue: Studio 12, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio)
Broadcast: Nachtmix Lounge-Konzert presented by Karl Bruckmaier

Kevin Coyne - voc, gt
Harry Hirschmann - b

Tracks 16-19:
Date: 1994-06-29 (29 June 1994)
City: München (Munich), Germany
Venue: Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio)
Broadcast: Zündfunk presented by Karl Bruckmaier

Kevin Coyne - voc, gt

01 (Introduction by Karl Bruckmaier)
02 Sitting On Top Of The World (Bob Wills)
03 Black Snake Moan (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
04 Walking The Floor Over You (Ernest Tubb)
05 Crossroad Blues (Robert Johnson)
06 Bye Bye Bird (Sonny Boy Williamson)
07 Down By The Riverside (Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
08 You Win Again (Hank Williams)
09 Death Letter Blues (Son House)
10 Lonesome Valley (Carter Family)
11 (Interview)
12 Oh Happy Day (Edwin Hawkins Singers)
13 Gina (Kevin Coyne)
14 Karate King (Kevin Coyne)
15 (Outro by Karl Bruckmaier)

16 Araby (Kevin Coyne)
17 Moonface (Kevin Coyne)
18 (Interview)
19 Uggy’s Song (Kevin Coyne)

TT: 61:04 min


Thanks to people from DIME for this jewel.

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2 BOOTLEG CDR @ flac
(no scans
(by request)

Kevin Coyne with Martin Odstrcil
(a.k.a Martin Mallone or Martin Ostersehl) (acoustic guitar).
Recorded by CR from M, Germany, transferred to wav by CR from M, Germany

One track only on each CD. Sound not too good.

Having A Party
Fat Girl
Don't Know What To Do (KC/BG)
Marjory Razorblade
Neighbourhood Girl
Islands [Swimming Pool] [unreleased + some Charles Bukowski bashing... more victims will follow during the show]
Can't Stand It No More [unreleased]
Sitting On Top Of The World (Trad.) [unreleased]
Cry Baby Cry/All Shook Up [unreleased]
Good Boy
Sex Machine (J. Brown) [unreleased]
All Your Love [unreleased]
Evil Island Home
Need Somebody
The Monkey Man
Pretty Park

Juliet And Mark (KC/BW)
Ballerina (Boogie Song) [unreleased]
Caress me Baby [?] [unreleased cover or impro? only appereance of that song]
Untitled Blues Impro
Children's Crusade

Cornelius says:
"The concert took place in the Club Luxor, Koeln (Cologne), Germany. I was there two or three times, and visited this concert, and a concert of Eric Burdon at a time, not much people were interested in him. The club is small. At the entrance is a barroom, then a small, long corridor with tables and chairs at the walls. The corridor leads to a small free room, maybe a dancefloor. There is place enough for about 100 or 200 people. The concert was pretty nice."

Thanks to Cornelius and Uwe.

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - 1992 Frankfurt (27-02-1992) (EAC,log,cue,flac,scans)

A brilliant boot !

Pascal said :
Source: soundboard recorded for TV (the 2 different dates are probably the dates of recording and broadcasting).

Kevin Coyne with the Paradise Band: Henry Beck (keyboards) and Hans Pukke (guitar), Friedl Pohrer (bass), Martin Mueller (drums).

Intro by a German DJ 1:03 [not on FRANKFURT]
Kevin Coyne interview 3:34 [not on FRANKFURT]
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:09
Sensual (HP/KC) 4:36
Take Me Back In Your Arms 5:43
Go Sally Go (HP/KC) 4:50
Dynamite Daze 3:43
Sunshine Home (HP/KC) 5:11
Victoria Smiles (HP/KC) 5:00
Fish Brain 1:36
The Bungalow Song 4:11
Passions Pleasure (HB/KC) 5:39
Daddy 3:59
American Girls (HP/KC) 2:41
The Monkey Man (complete) 4:43
Outro by German DJ 0:49 [not on FRANKFURT]
Back Home Boogie Boogie (HP/KC) 3:20 (not on FRANKFURT]
Looking In Your Eyes (HP/KC) 5:28 [not on FRANKFURT]
TT : 73:23

Remastered in Cool Edit Pro , removed silence between tracks !
Thanks to Uwe for this one !

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE Paris, Forum des Halles, 1983 april 9 aud SM master plus Bonus: Paris, Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 november 24 FM master

KEVIN COYNE Paris, Forum Des Halles, 1983 April 9 aud SM master 1994 plus Bonus: Paris, Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 November 24 FM master

Serge said :

"Visiting the great "The World of Kevin Coyne" blog (cheers, Poor), this made me remembering an old recording I made in Paris.
To me, there's no reason to doubt the exact date is 1983 April 9: that's my cassette sleeve says, the set list is different from the known April 7 and 8 Forum Des Halles boots and there is a guest musician on harmonica (not for others shows).
I don't pretend showing something new to the true Kevin-maniacs, just uploading an exc audience uncirculated master.

I only knew Kevin through his albums and shows ("In living black and white" is in my top 5 live records) but i remember him as a true, sincere artist and a very nice (and desperate ?) person.

Forum show: recorded on Sony TCD5 M with Beyer dynamic M 201 mics, close to the stage.

Kevin Coyne with:
Peter Kirtley on guitar,
Dave Sheen on drums,
and as guest on harmonica, Mark Slaze (surely not exact name)

A radio FM session for French radio is added as a bonus.

My attempt for set-lists:

Paris, Forum Des Halles 1983 April 9; audience master.

01 I'm in the mood for love
02 You can't do that
03 I wanna hold your hand
04 Nothing seems to matter
05 Children’s Crusade
06 Araby
07 Sunday morning sunrise
08 The monkey man
09 Band intro
10 The old fashioned love song
11 Crowd encore
12 Knocking on heaven's door
13 Hush hush
14 Saviour

Bonus: Paris, Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 November 24 FM master

01 Lunatic
02 Araby
03 If you be my girl
04 Baby blue

Cassettes played on a Marantz SD 4051 cassette deck with pitch adjustment; zoom H4 for wave files; PC; audacity for volume and tracking; FLAC."

Thanks a lot to Serge for this one !

Pascal said :

Then, what do you know, in Sep 2009, Serge provided a THIRD show at le Forum on April 9! To think that Coyne filled a 500 seating venue three nights in a row at the time..


Kevin Coyne with Peter Kirtley (guitar) and Dave Sheen (drums) and guest on harmonica Mox Gowland. Great sound.
A photo from this show provided by Mox, thanks.
I'm in the mood for love (J.L. Hooker [unreleased] 5:15
You can't do that 5:53
I wanna hold your hand [impro] 7:16
Nothing seems to matter [unreleased] 5:29
Children's Crusade [a-capella!] 2:44
Araby 8:28
Sunday Morning Sunrise 7:05
The Monkey Man 6:11
The Old Fashioned Love Song 4:22
Knocking on Heaven's Door (B. Dylan) 7:10
Hush Hush (J. Reed) [unreleased] 5:24
Saviour [just Kevin and harp...!](KC/AL/GS) 2:32

An amazing recording...

Bonus tracks on this boot: Paris, Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 November 24 FM

RADIO Paris , Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 November 24 FM master
KC with Friedl Pohrer (acoustic guitar)
Hey Baby (B. Channel) [unreleased]
Baby Blue
This show is included in Paris, Forum des Halles, 1983 April 9

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Cheers Folks !

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Cheers Folks !

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KEVIN COYNE - Objekt 5, Halle, 25 Nov 2004

KEVIN COYNE - Objekt 5, Halle, 25 Nov 2004

2 CD BOOTLEG OBJEKT 5, HALLE , 25 Nov 2004
Excellent soundboard quality.
It was Kevin 2nd to the last concert, 7 days before his passing !
Kevin with
Andreas Blüml, guitar,
Harry Hirschmann, bass,
Werner Steinhauser, drums

This recording thanks to Chris from Dresden.
Artwork : Pascal.
Photos : Uwe Pabst.
Remaster and final cover art : Poor.

CD 1
01 - Dark Dance Hall (4:11)
02 - I Hear Voices (5:38)
03 - Eastbourne Ladies (6:19)
04 - America (7:09)
05 - Smile Right Back (5:39)
06 - Strange Locomotion (5:35)
07 - Shangri-La (7:23)
08 - Having A Party (10:47)
09 - Sunday Morning Sunrise (6:44)
10 - Donut City (7:54)
CD 2
01 - The Wooble (8:22)
02 - Locked Out (6:38)
03 - Really In Love (7:18)
04 - Dynamite Days (5:21)
05 - My Story (5:20)

-> 2 CD-R (one track each) -> HDD -> Cool Edit Pro ->
-> Remastering (talking was so quiet)& separating tracks ->
-> 2 CD-R -> EAC -> flac -> You

Thanks to Uwe S. for this one !

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Kevin At Home '79

Just received from Pascal :

KEVIN COYNE - At Home '79 @ wav (12:41 minutes)

(Click on picture to large!)

Kevin solo on guitar. Sound is OK.
Artwork by Pascal after the back cover of Pointing the Finger
Tony was a friend of Kevin; one night in January 1979 (possibly 13th), after a night down the pub, Kev and Tony went back to Kevin's house. Tony put a cassette on and Kevin started improvising...
An absolutly amazing tape.
With the exception of a VERY early version of Best Friend, the songs are improvisations that I'm only naming here with their first lines:
I never told you
Talk to me about IRA (God bless Ireland)
Best Friend
I thought I heard somebody call

Nice recording, very good sound!
Don't miss this!

Link :

Cheers Folks !

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

KEVIN COYNE - 1974 Blame It On The Night

KEVIN COYNE - 1974 Blame It On The Night
Available now !

Pascal said :

V 2012, May 1974 (cassette version TC VD 2012). probably recorded Feb 74?
Produced by Steve Verroca at The Manor (engineered by Simon Heyworth)

Kevin Coyne with Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass), Chilli Charles (drums), Ruan O'Loghlainn (sax), Fi Trench (piano, he also arranges horns and strings with Steve Verroca), Liza, Strike, Barry St John, Joanne Williams (backing vocals). Rick Dodd on sax and Terry Slade on drums play on Poor Swine*

Lyrics included *

Tracks :
River Of Sin 3:24
Sign Of The Times 5:32
I Believe In Love 2:46
Don't Delude Me 3:22
Wanting You Is not Easy 5:07
Take A Train 3:34
Blame It On The Night 4:26
Poor Swine 3:50
Light Up Your Little Light 4:33
Choose 3:08
Witch 6:13
Right On Her Side 4:04

*The LPs with the lyrics insert are even rarer!


a Blame It ad ("Just the album for you mother if she's a loud dirty boozy girl"...!) and there, another one :
and a third one:

*Poor Swine was the first song recorded for the album, when the early band (Smith, Dodd, Slade, Cousins) was working on the basic tracks. Also recorded at the same time was Let's Have a Party - later issued as a single and a LP - a fake live recording. Unreleased tracks from the same session include Another Man Goe Down and a coupe of others (Thanks Tim Penn for the info).

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

KEVIN COYNE & MARTIN ODSTRCIL - 1985 Lange Zeile Tapes

- 1985 Lange Zeile Tapes
(Lange Zeile 4, Nürnberg, Germany)@ 160

Pascal said :


Martin says "The songs were recorded one afternoon-rehearsal (a rare event !) in 1985 with Kevin's walkman".
They're all "work in progress" and were recorded at Lange Zeile 4, Nürnberg, Germany.

All the songs are unreleased and were, I suppose, written by Kevin and Martin
Kevin Coyne, guitar and vocal with Martin Odstrcil (acoustic guitar*)

All Your Love (1)* 3:45
All Your Love (2)* 3:10
Ballerina (1)* 2:34
Ballerina (2)* 2:28
Blow the Empire away (1)* 2:32
Blow the Empire away (2)* 2:35
Hot Foot Mama 2:43
Ramblin' Operator 2:46
My Little Heart is Broken 3:21
Swimming Pool* 2:44
Take that Bottle away from me 3:02
The Right Time 2:18
They don't Touch* 3:13
Don't You Cry 2:50
Tough Girl* 2:42
You were the One (1)* 2:46
You were the One (2)* 2:47
Your Love* 2:43

TT: 50:48

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Friday, July 25, 2008

KEVIN COYNE - 1980 Sanity Stomp @ flac

KEVIN COYNE - 1980 Sanity Stomp (EAC,log,cue,flac,scans)

Pascal said :
Virgin VGD 3504, Nov 1980
(W. German Virgin 301 427-406)
(really two albums released together)
Back cover art by Robert Coyne

Disc #1 Produced by Paul Wickens at Berry Street Studios (engineered by David Hunt)
Kevin Coyne with Paul Fox (guitar), Segs (bass), Dave Duffy (drums), Gary Barnacle (sax) and Paul Wickens (keyboards) [actually, the band The Ruts]

Fat Man 2:30
The Monkey Man 3:04
How Strange 2:32
Somewhere In My Mind 3:25
When (See You Again?) (KC/PW) 2:32
Taking On The World 3:11
No Romance (KC/PW) 4:00
Too Dark (One For The Hero) (KC/PW) 2:45
Admit You're Wrong 3:55
Formula Eyes 2:09

Disc #2 Produced by Kevin Coyne at Alvic (engineered by Mike)
Kevin Coyne with Brian Godding (guitar and keyboards), Robert Wyatt (drums), and a bit of Bob Ward (guitar)

New Motorway 2:58
A Loving Hand 3:07
Fear Of Breathing 3:33
In Silence 4:36
Taking On The Bowers (KC/RW) 3:19 (or 'Take On The Bowers')
Wonderful Wilderness (KC/BG) 7:48
My Wife Says 3:58
The World Speaks (KC/BG) 2:27
You Can't Kill Us 2:04

CD release (1CD): Virgin CDV 3504, released in 1991.

Record #1 is pure power pop and works quite well; record #2 is very innovative avant-garde with Robert Wyatt.
In 1988, Brian Godding released a great instrumental jazz-rock LP called "Slaughter on Shaftesbury Avenue", recorded for the most part with GLS and where he played some of the themes from Sanity Stomp #2.

Says Kevin about 'Sanity': " I was quite ill when I made that record, as a matter of fact; I was quite mad, basically. That’s why it’s called Sanity Stomp. I had a nervous breakdown and, ironically, I don’t want to say ironically...amazingly...I was able to carry on making records. That’s a record I made when I was clinically ninety-five per cent nuts, and the themes are rather odd, but somehow it comes out as sounding all right. I’m amazed."

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KEVIN COYNE - 1980 Bursting Bubbles @ flac

KEVIN COYNE - 1980 Bursting Bubbles (EAC,log,cue,flac,scans)

Pascal said :
V 2152 (in), Mar 1980
Recorded 1979?
Produced by Kevin Coyne and Al James at Alvic Studios, Wimbleton (engineered by Al and Vic)
Kevin Coyne with Brian Godding (guitar), Bob Ward (guitar), Vic Sweeney (drums) and Chris Hunter (sax)
Handwritten lyrics were printed on a large fold-out insert
Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne

The Only One 3:19
Children's Crusade 3:55
No Melody 3:18
Learn To Swim - Learn To Drown (KC/BG) 4:59
Mad Boy No. 2 (KC/BG) 2:57 [the 1st Mad Boy was on CASE HISTORY]
Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) 2:32
Don't Know What To Do (KC/BG) 3:44
A Little Piece Of Heaven (KC/BG) 2:43
Day To Day (KC/BG) 2:34
Golden Days (KC/BW) 2:48 [different form ELVIRA]
The Old Fashioned Love Song (KC/BG) 3:48

CD release: Virgin CDV 2152, released in 1991

Fascinating. Again, new musicians who come from a jazz/jazz rock background and take the music in another new direction. A personal favorite."

In 2004, Brian Godding told (on his website) about the recording of 'Bubbles'. Extract:
"Kevin said he’d like to continue the musical relationship at the end of the run of gigs and invited me to contribute to his next Album for Virgin records so of coarse I was well down for that. At this point I had no idea what he had in mind but I knew it would be something totally different to to what I’d done before and, it most certainly was! I’d long given up the desire to write’songs’ so I assumed that I’d turn up, plug in and learn a few songs he’d written but that was not the plan at all! Kevin (well actually Bob [Ward]) booked some studio time and on arriving and setting up Kevin looked at me and said,” got any tunes or cord sequences”?-------(!!!!!!) I beg your pardon( I thought!), well, for some reason( probably sheer terror!) I started fiddling around with this little sequence of riffs and cords and Kev’ said, “I like that, play it again”. So, I play it again, Kevin riffles through a pile of poems and lyrics and starts singing this amazing song over the top of it!! Bloody hell!( me thinks) this is going to be good when we sort it out! “Got that on tape Bob”? Kevin says as we grind to a halt after some time, Bob gives a nod from the control room and we appear to have ‘ Learn to swim, learn to drown’,the first track for the new album , Bursting Bubbles!!! I said to Kevin that maybe we should do another take at least but he just said “why”? He was of coarse right as this was the way he worked and we made the rest of the album in the same way( he did let me do a few overdubs though, just to keep me happy!) A very spontaneous performer and artist with the ability to pull it off and, of great importance, a very selfless and generous gent!!"

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KEVIN COYNE - 1976 Heartburn @ flac

KEVIN COYNE - 1976 Heartburn (EAC,log,cue,flac,scans)

Pascal said:
V 2047, Mar 1976.
(Canadian version same catalogue number but has a Polydor Canada logo on back).
Produced by Norman Smith (early Pink Floyd producer aka Hurricane Smith) at Olympic

Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson (bass) and Peter Wolf (drums)
Lyrics included

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 3:28 [old Siren number revisited]
Don't Make Waves 2:50
Happy Band 2:37
I Love My Mother (KC/AS) 4:40
Shangri-la 5:26
America 4:07
Big White Bird 2:05
Games, Games, Games 5:32
My Mother's Eyes (Gilbert/Baer) 3:27
Daddy 4:12 [reworking of MARJORY RAZORBLADE's Mummy]
Coconut Island 4:34

CD release: Virgin CDV 2047, released in 1991 with bonus track: Coconut Island (unavailable anywhere else, except as a live version with different lyrics on IN LIVING BLACK AND WHITE).

Heartburn poster :

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

KEVIN COYNE - (1974 live boot) Southampton @ 192

KEVIN COYNE - (1974) Southampton
- by request

Pascal said :

Probably recorded between Sep and Dec 1974
(when Pete Nu replaced Tim Penn on piano),
audience recording, sound not too good

Kevin Coyne
Rick Dodd (sax),
Gordon Smith (guitar),
Terry Slade (drums),
Tony Cousins (bass),
Pete Nu (piano)


Fat Girl 5:14
Talking to No one 2:46
The Miner's Song 6:52
Another Man Gone Down 10:15 and not 'Going Down Slow' [unreleased]
Reggie in a Chicken World 4:21 [unreleased]
Poor Swine 4:18 and not Home
Rolling and Tumbling (Muddy Waters) 4:15
Chicken Wing 3:44 and not 'How do you do that Thing?'
Let's Have a Party (J-M Robinson) 3:30
Knocking on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) 6:01
Madison Blues (?) 3:03 [unreleased]
Let's Work Together [Canned Heat] 3:55 [unreleased]
Marlene 5:10
Hound Dog (Big Mama Thornton] 3:11 [unreleased]


Very good show. Gordon Smith is REALLY good! (The Miner's Song).
For some reason, this CDR is usually filled up with two songs from Siren's CLUB RONDO:
Back to Church
Get Right Away.
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