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Pascal said :
Recorded live at The Leipziger Jazzstage, Leipzig, Germany, October 1 1999
Recorded by MDR radio, Harry Nicolai

Kevin Coyne with The Achim Goettert Group (Achim Goettert (sax, arrangements), Michael Rodach (guitar), Mike Parker (bass), Toni Nissl (drums) plus special guest David Moss (vocals and drums)
A premiere of an opera based on the life of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd's first guitarist.
Lyrics by Kevin Coyne, music by Achim Goettert (based on some Pink Floyd numbers).
All unreleased

N°19-Astronomy Dominé 6:33
N°23 5:07
N°21-Scarecrow 6:48
N°22-Lucifer Sam 6:18
N°20-Chapter 24 12:44
N°25 7:48
N°27 10:40
Anyday-Anyway (encore) 6:03
_[a song from MANSION OF DREAMS]

Again a good boot. David Moss is great too, very effective and strange impro between the two singers.

A big thanks for people from Dime for this one !

Cheers Folks!
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Poor said...

Opera For Syd _1
Opera For Syd _2
Opera For Syd _3

Cheers Folks !

Zubbid said...

Thanks - it's good to see some activity around here, and I've never made the time to check out an 'Opera For Syd' concert before now.

There appears to be some sort of "Split Archive Blocked" wierdness which is preventing me from grabbing the 1st part, at least for the time being. I'll try again later.

But anyway — Thanks for sharing this, and all the other fine and rare KC I've found here in the past.

Zubbid said...

Well, I've been checking in every day and still getting the same message. Has anyone ever seen something like this before?

"Split Archive Blocked
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Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance."

Zubbid said...

...and I guess, more to the point, has anyone managed to successfully download Part One?

The message would seem to imply that I missed out on any of the 10 chances per week that Mediafire has decided to make available to us, and that 20 lucky readers of this blog managed to sneak through during the time I've been trying. Are you guys out there?

Poor said...

Simple way to download a lot of links : use jDownloader.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to be consuming so much of your time with this issue, but jDownloader isn't working for me either. It's been "connecting..." for the past five hours or so, without ever achieving anything.

Poor said...

Check settings of even your firewall.
With jDownloader you can download all links in time.

Certifiablockhead said...

thank you...