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KEVIN COYNE - 1978 Millionaires And Teddy Bears (EAC,log,cue,FLAC,scans)

One of the best Kevin's albums !

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Pascal Regis said :

V 2120, Jan 1979. 200 215-320 German.
Produced by Kevin Coyne and Bob Ward at Alvic (engineered by Al and Vic)
Kevin Coyne with Bob Ward (guitar), Paul Wickens (keyboards), Vic Sweeney, (drums) and Al James (bass)
Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne
Lyrics included (The Virgin France lyrics sheet says 'Milliardaires and Teddy Bears'...)

People (KC/BW) 3:21
Having A Party 4:20
I'll Go Too 3:30
I'm Just A Man 3:35
Pretty Park 5:35
Let me Be With You 3:38
Marigold 3:12
Don't Blame Mandy 2:57
Little Miss Portobello 3:48
Wendy's Dream 4:05
The World Is Full Of Fools (KC/BW) 3:10

CD release: Virgin CDV 2096 or CDV2110, released in 1991.

Another fantastic album in the same vein as DYNAMITE DAZE.
A Millionaires double page : "

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One of my favor Kevin's song :

The World Is Full Of Fools (Kevin Coyne/Bob Ward- 1979)

The big bookcase it hides the window
It means I cannot see out
No ragged heads, no ragged minds are
Going to mess me, mess me about
Going to keep it right, don't mention the night
Down by the lakeside, I'm sitting with pamphlets strewn all over me
White squares of paper full of ideas
I throw them all in into the sea
They sail away, sail away
Because the world is full of fools
Ah, the world is full of fools
Yes, the world is full of fools
But it doesn't make them bad people
It's a sunny day, sun like a bauble rolling over the sky
Telephone conversation, someone tells me the weather is
Mighty fine, the sun's divine
Come on outside, enjoy yourself
But I can't, I don't know why
Maybe you can change that for me
I know I'm deep
I seem to be asleep
Hold me now, squeeze me now
You can do it somehow
It's not too late
Tell me, tell me, tell me
The world is full of fools
Yes, the world is full of fools
Oh, the world is full of fools
But it doesn't make me a bad person

That's all! Enjoy !
And don't blame Mandy ! :-)

Cheers Folks!
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Pascal said :
Kevin Coyne with Martin Odstrcil (acoustic guitar).
Recorded live between 1984-86, Germany.
Soundboard quality.

Havin a Party 7:36
Gina's Song 8:15
Juliet And Mark (KC/BW) [and not Romeo And Juliet] 5:28
America 3:26
Sex Machine [James Brown] 1:01
Lunatic 7:44
The World is Full of Fools (KC/BW) 4:01
Don't Know what to do (KC/BG) / Dance Ballerina [unreleased] 7:29

Martin, thanks a lot for this great CD."

Here is a poster for a show with Kevin and Martin (Kempten, Dec 14 1985):

The show was filmed.
Thanks Uwe for this beautiful CD!
Cheers Folks!
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