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KEVIN COYNE Paris, Forum des Halles, 1983 april 9 aud SM master plus Bonus: Paris, Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 november 24 FM master

KEVIN COYNE Paris, Forum Des Halles, 1983 April 9 aud SM master 1994 plus Bonus: Paris, Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 November 24 FM master

Serge said :

"Visiting the great "The World of Kevin Coyne" blog (cheers, Poor), this made me remembering an old recording I made in Paris.
To me, there's no reason to doubt the exact date is 1983 April 9: that's my cassette sleeve says, the set list is different from the known April 7 and 8 Forum Des Halles boots and there is a guest musician on harmonica (not for others shows).
I don't pretend showing something new to the true Kevin-maniacs, just uploading an exc audience uncirculated master.

I only knew Kevin through his albums and shows ("In living black and white" is in my top 5 live records) but i remember him as a true, sincere artist and a very nice (and desperate ?) person.

Forum show: recorded on Sony TCD5 M with Beyer dynamic M 201 mics, close to the stage.

Kevin Coyne with:
Peter Kirtley on guitar,
Dave Sheen on drums,
and as guest on harmonica, Mark Slaze (surely not exact name)

A radio FM session for French radio is added as a bonus.

My attempt for set-lists:

Paris, Forum Des Halles 1983 April 9; audience master.

01 I'm in the mood for love
02 You can't do that
03 I wanna hold your hand
04 Nothing seems to matter
05 Children’s Crusade
06 Araby
07 Sunday morning sunrise
08 The monkey man
09 Band intro
10 The old fashioned love song
11 Crowd encore
12 Knocking on heaven's door
13 Hush hush
14 Saviour

Bonus: Paris, Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 November 24 FM master

01 Lunatic
02 Araby
03 If you be my girl
04 Baby blue

Cassettes played on a Marantz SD 4051 cassette deck with pitch adjustment; zoom H4 for wave files; PC; audacity for volume and tracking; FLAC."

Thanks a lot to Serge for this one !

Pascal said :

Then, what do you know, in Sep 2009, Serge provided a THIRD show at le Forum on April 9! To think that Coyne filled a 500 seating venue three nights in a row at the time..


Kevin Coyne with Peter Kirtley (guitar) and Dave Sheen (drums) and guest on harmonica Mox Gowland. Great sound.
A photo from this show provided by Mox, thanks.
I'm in the mood for love (J.L. Hooker [unreleased] 5:15
You can't do that 5:53
I wanna hold your hand [impro] 7:16
Nothing seems to matter [unreleased] 5:29
Children's Crusade [a-capella!] 2:44
Araby 8:28
Sunday Morning Sunrise 7:05
The Monkey Man 6:11
The Old Fashioned Love Song 4:22
Knocking on Heaven's Door (B. Dylan) 7:10
Hush Hush (J. Reed) [unreleased] 5:24
Saviour [just Kevin and harp...!](KC/AL/GS) 2:32

An amazing recording...

Bonus tracks on this boot: Paris, Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 November 24 FM

RADIO Paris , Europe 1 radio studios, Top live show, 1994 November 24 FM master
KC with Friedl Pohrer (acoustic guitar)
Hey Baby (B. Channel) [unreleased]
Baby Blue
This show is included in Paris, Forum des Halles, 1983 April 9

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Thanks to Wil for a huge job one more time!

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KEVIN COYNE - Objekt 5, Halle, 25 Nov 2004

KEVIN COYNE - Objekt 5, Halle, 25 Nov 2004

2 CD BOOTLEG OBJEKT 5, HALLE , 25 Nov 2004
Excellent soundboard quality.
It was Kevin 2nd to the last concert, 7 days before his passing !
Kevin with
Andreas Blüml, guitar,
Harry Hirschmann, bass,
Werner Steinhauser, drums

This recording thanks to Chris from Dresden.
Artwork : Pascal.
Photos : Uwe Pabst.
Remaster and final cover art : Poor.

CD 1
01 - Dark Dance Hall (4:11)
02 - I Hear Voices (5:38)
03 - Eastbourne Ladies (6:19)
04 - America (7:09)
05 - Smile Right Back (5:39)
06 - Strange Locomotion (5:35)
07 - Shangri-La (7:23)
08 - Having A Party (10:47)
09 - Sunday Morning Sunrise (6:44)
10 - Donut City (7:54)
CD 2
01 - The Wooble (8:22)
02 - Locked Out (6:38)
03 - Really In Love (7:18)
04 - Dynamite Days (5:21)
05 - My Story (5:20)

-> 2 CD-R (one track each) -> HDD -> Cool Edit Pro ->
-> Remastering (talking was so quiet)& separating tracks ->
-> 2 CD-R -> EAC -> flac -> You

Thanks to Uwe S. for this one !

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Kevin At Home '79

Just received from Pascal :

KEVIN COYNE - At Home '79 @ wav (12:41 minutes)

(Click on picture to large!)

Kevin solo on guitar. Sound is OK.
Artwork by Pascal after the back cover of Pointing the Finger
Tony was a friend of Kevin; one night in January 1979 (possibly 13th), after a night down the pub, Kev and Tony went back to Kevin's house. Tony put a cassette on and Kevin started improvising...
An absolutly amazing tape.
With the exception of a VERY early version of Best Friend, the songs are improvisations that I'm only naming here with their first lines:
I never told you
Talk to me about IRA (God bless Ireland)
Best Friend
I thought I heard somebody call

Nice recording, very good sound!
Don't miss this!

Link :!l4gTGAzQ!Uy6sVkurKbk0YVNtci5JuT5veOM0on1DD5XZIhcvcLc
Cheers Folks !