Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Added links for Kevin's YouTube videos.
(On the bottom of the right side of blog)
Thanks to Wil for a huge job !



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Paddington Girl said...

I remember in the early seventies in London, when most Public Houses had live acts.I saw Kevin Coyne and Zoot Money at the Nashville Rooms at the back of Hammersmith,(OLYMPIA).
I with my uptown architect , Geoffery Brace, Rene with her artist,
listened to Kevin Coyne Hammering his guitar and singing of the fragility and beauty of everyone who made a difference in his life.His poetry was an endless homage to those that Loved him and just when the life prose became too raw Zoot Money would transport you to a melody so Honky Tonk that you would party and celebrate.
I Knew when I was there that Kevin Coyne sought his life and being as passing through,We could relate to that,we could relate to his prose and poetry, those evoking words that danced through everyones minds when we watched him perform just for us, and for free.