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KEVIN COYNE - 1974 Blame It On The Night (LP, Cleaned) @ 320


Pascal said :

V 2012, May 1974 (cassette version TC VD 2012). probably recorded Feb 74?
Produced by Steve Verroca at The Manor (engineered by Simon Heyworth)

Kevin Coyne with Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass), Chilli Charles (drums), Ruan O'Loghlainn (sax), Fi Trench (piano, he also arranges horns and strings with Steve Verroca), Liza, Strike, Barry St John, Joanne Williams (backing vocals). Rick Dodd on sax and Terry Slade on drums play on Poor Swine*

Lyrics included *

Tracks :
River Of Sin 3:24
Sign Of The Times 5:32
I Believe In Love 2:46
Don't Delude Me 3:22
Wanting You Is not Easy 5:07
Take A Train 3:34
Blame It On The Night 4:26
Poor Swine 3:50
Light Up Your Little Light 4:33
Choose 3:08
Witch 6:13
Right On Her Side 4:04

*The LPs with the lyrics insert are even rarer!


a Blame It ad ("Just the album for you mother if she's a loud dirty boozy girl"...!) and there, another one :

and a third one:

*Poor Swine was the first song recorded for the album, when the early band (Smith, Dodd, Slade, Cousins) was working on the basic tracks. Also recorded at the same time was Let's Have a Party - later issued as a single and a LP - a fake live recording. Unreleased tracks from the same session include Another Man Goe Down and a coupe of others (Thanks Tim Penn for the info).

Cheers Folks!
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poor said...
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satyr691.blogspot.com said...

Thank you.All new to me ans it's good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hello again from Serge. Well, it's a great idea to put "Blame It On The Night" on the blog. My original LP is more than inaudible and the CD never came out. I saw Kevin in concert just once, alas, in Bordeaux, 1992. Kevin with Hans Pukke. More than 2 hours of great music. I love him. We all do in this place, don't we? S.ZENI.

poor said...
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Dave MH said...

fantastic! your blog is an incredible resource. thanks for all the hard work!

Anonymous said...

A long lost favourite. This was the one KC I didn't buy in the 70s, apart from Siren and Case History (which were too hard to find). My girlfriend found a copy of 'Night' so I just played hers. 'Witch' was a big hit with me. Thank You

Anonymous said...

this album is now (Jan 2010) again available for official download + many bonus tracks