Friday, August 24, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - Empty Glass, Charleston, West Virginia, USA, 2000 @ 160

Pascal said :
Spring 2000, mono audience recording (MD) by Chris Plummer, two sets. Artwork by me.

Kevin Coyne with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupee Little (drums), Ted Harrison (bass), all three from The Carpenter Ants who also open for Kevin Coyne. Kevin Coyne and Michael Lipton (acoustic guitar) on *. The Amazing Delores, guest singer on **.


Sound check: Waiting and Wondering/Need Somebody (extracts)* 1:37 ["Waiting" unreleased]
Conversation with The Amazing Delores... 2:17
Marlene by The Carpenter Ants (support group) 3:43
Things Gonna Get Better * 5:27 [unreleased]
Need Somebody * 4:19
Chicken Wing * 3:55
Out on the Park (AN/KC) 6:38
My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 4:29
House on the Hill 5:43
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:51
Really in Love (HB/KC) 7:27
Take me Back in your Arms 6:14
Stand by Me (Ben E. King) ** 7:16 [unreleased]
Knocking on Heaven's Door (B. Dylan) 3:55
Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd) 4:30 [unreleased]
Rock me Baby (King, Josea, arr. KC) 5:18
Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:50
Knocking on Heaven's Door (B. Dylan) ** 5:25 ["Part 2", with new lyrics]

TOTAL: 1:32:02

Lots of unreleased songs, a good sound and a good band!

BOOK / 2CD: "Autant en emporte le Rock 1960-2000 (Best of)" .


(May 2000) A book of rock memories, in French, by journalist Jean-Noël Coghe. The two CDS include a concert by French prog-band Ange and a dozen interviews including one of Kevin Coyne.

Thanks to Pascal for this one !

Cheers Folks!
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poor said...
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zubbid said...

It must have been within a few days of this recording that Kevin Coyne played in Pittsburgh PA, about 15 blocks from where I lived. I was then at the stage where I had heard OF Kevin, knew he was spoken of with extreme reverence in some circles, but had never heard a note of his music. I was temped to attend on spec - Pittsburgh is a pretty dry city for live music (as per my tastes, at least), so I was astounded to see he was actually coming to my town. Pittsburgh seemed like a pretty odd place for someone like him to turn up since even large national tours pass us by. Better not miss this chance, right? But I didn't go.

I imagine anyone reading this can imagine how much I'd now like to retract my decision not to see him perform when I had the chance.

My discovery of this fine blog has provoked an intensifying of my KC enjoyment, and allowed me to plug a few gaps in my experience of his music.

I think for the time being at least, I'm going to forgo downloading this show. Right now I feel I'd rather not know what I missed out on. I may be back, though. We'll see.

Thanks for sharing the music.

Anonymous said...

many thanks,god save the great kevin

Anonymous said...

cant seem to get this to download properly.has anyone else reported a problem? i just get a small file
which is corrupt...would be grateful for any help.also thanks for this absolutely brilliant site

poor said...

Link is ok - 103 MB on Sendspace.
Just push
in the first comment
and follow instructions.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh, the link has expired! Too bad. I wish this boot will be uploaded again. Having said that, tons of jewels in this blog. Kevin truly deserved it. Thanks! Serge ZENI.

poor said...

Will reupload soon !

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much --- I'll wait for it and keep my eyes wide open! S.ZENI.

poor said...
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Anonymous said...

And I say: Thank you very much, Poor!!! S.ZENI.

Anonymous said...

Poor is great!!

Poor said...

New link:
KEVIN COYNE - Empty Glass
Cheers Folks !