Saturday, August 25, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - 1975-08-18 - Complete Mummy @ 320

Excellent bootleg !

Pascal said:
In 2002, a complete Postaula - 4 new songs (*) - boot emerged:
Recorded live at Postaula, Bremen, Germany, Aug 18 1975, FM recording.

Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson (bass), Peter Wolf (drums)

Going Down Slow 3:31 [unreleased]
Eastbourne Ladies 4:54
Sunday Morning Sunrise 4:45
Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 3:58
Nobody's Fault But Mine (Blind Willie Johnson) 3:13 [unreleased]
Shangri-La 5:40
Poor Swine 3:39
Mummy 6:04
My Mother's Eyes (Gilbert/Baer) 4:27
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:53
House on the Hill * 7:44
One Fine Day * 6:30
I'm Normal * 2:15 [unreleased]
Turpentine (excerpt) * 1:09
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan) 3:48

A pre-IN LIVING BLACK AND WHITE; Beautiful sound, superb unreleased songs (the hilarious "I'm Normal"): an excelent boot!

Cheers Folks!
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poor said...
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schlep said...

Thanks again, this is brilliant - I love this edition of his band!

John said...

Thanks so much...more sheer brilliance! :)

Gadjitator said...

Thanks so much for your efforts!!!

Anonymous said...

Recommended boot/show: "I'm Normal" is a great unique track, "Nobody's Fault But Mine" is a welcome addition and the band is on top form! ...oops... don't forget that the sound is excellent SBD throughout: another priceless show!

Poor said...

New link:
KEVIN COYNE - 1975-08-18 - Complete Mummy (bootleg) @ 320
Cheers Folks !