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KEVIN COYNE - 1976 Heartburn @ 256

Coconut Island Included

Pascal said:
V 2047, Mar 1976.
(Canadian version same catalogue number but has a Polydor Canada logo on back).
Produced by Norman Smith (early Pink Floyd producer aka Hurricane Smith) at Olympic

Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson (bass) and Peter Wolf (drums)
Lyrics included

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 3:28 [old Siren number revisited]
Don't Make Waves 2:50
Happy Band 2:37
I Love My Mother (KC/AS) 4:40
Shangri-la 5:26
America 4:07
Big White Bird 2:05
Games, Games, Games 5:32
My Mother's Eyes (Gilbert/Baer) 3:27
Daddy 4:12 [reworking of MARJORY RAZORBLADE's Mummy]
Coconut Island 4:34

CD release: Virgin CDV 2047, released in 1991 with bonus track: Coconut Island (unavailable anywhere else, except as a live version with different lyrics on IN LIVING BLACK AND WHITE).

Heartburn poster :

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poor said...
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schlep said...

This Kevin Coyne has always been around at the fringes of my attention, for the last 20 odd years - someone who I always meant to check out but never got a chance to - until now! And I'm beginning to see what the fuss is about. This is a great, really fun album. Going for the record with Dagmar, next - thanks very much for this blog./

infinitefool said...

Thank you for this site. I've been curious about Kevin Coyne for a lonf time. His albums are impossible to find in my neck of the woods, so I'm very grateful for this opportunity to explore his music. said...

Thank you.Good music!

poor said...

A brand new link :
Cheers Folks !