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KEVIN COYNE - 1978 Dynamite Daze

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Pascal said :
V 2096, Mar 1978
Recorded 1977?

Produced by Kevin Coyne and Bob Ward at Alvic, Wimbleton (engineered by Al and Vic), executive producer and Producer of Amsterdam: Steve Lewis

Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (piano), Bob Ward (guitar), Al James (bass), Vic Sweeney (drums), Paul Wickens (accordion, drums, mini-moog, congas) and Tim Rice (piano)

Dynamite Days 2:44
Brothers Of Mine 4:07
Lunatic 4:52
Are We Dreaming (KC/PW) 3:39
Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty (Mills/Godfrey/Scott) 1:27
I Really Live Round Here (False Friends) 3:56
I Am (Lyrics are a poem by John Clare, yet the EMI publishing lists has the song as written by Eric Robinson/Kevin Coyne) 2:21
Amsterdam 3:00
I Only Want To See You Smile 2:31
Juliet And Mark (KC/BW) 4:46
Woman, Woman, Woman 4:06
Cry (Churchill/Kohlman) 5:36
Dance Of The Bourgeoisie (Reprise) (KC/ZM) 2:00

CD release: Virgin CDV 2096, released in 1991 (the song I Am, who was originally credited on the LP label to John Clove instead of poet John Clare, is now credited to one Eric Robinson ...) Good bio by Robert Lloyd (The Nightingales).

A must-have. Magnificent and sad.

A Dynamite Daze poster:

Dynamite Daze was voted # 26 in NME Best of 1978 chart.

Cheers Folks!
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poor said...
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Tom said...

Thanks very, very much for your wonderful blog. Mr. Coyne was brilliant in every respect, and your efforts honor his legacy.



Anonymous said...

this album is now (Jan 2010) again available for official download + many bonus tracks