Tuesday, September 4, 2007

KEVIN COYNE - Manege, Munich 21st MArch 1985 (by Request, 2 CD) @ 160

Pascal said :
Recorded live at the Manege, Munich (Germany), March 21 1985.
Kevin Coyne with Martin Odstrcil (a.k.a Martin Mallone or Martin Ostersehl) (acoustic guitar).

Having A Party 6:54
Fat Girl 4:15
Don't Know What To Do (KC/BG) 4:32
Juliet And Mark (KC/BW) 7:08 [with extra lyrics]
Can't Stand It No More 10:24 [unreleased]
Swimming Pool (Islands) 5:00 [unreleased]
Cry Baby Cry 4:57 [unreleased]
Sitting On Top Of The World (Trad.) 5:31 [unreleased]
The Don't Worry Adolf Hitler Blues 8:24 [unreleased]
Gina's Song 3:42
All Your Love 5:07 [unreleased]
Sex Machine (J. Brown) 5:02 [unreleased]
Sex Machine, The Bavarian Way (J. Brown) 2:21 [unreleased]
Hi, I'm Johnny Cash 3:45 [unreleased]
Don't Get Lonely 2:19 [unreleased]
Mein Frau 1:54 [unreleased]
You're The Girl For Me (Crazy About You) 2:18 [unreleased]
Your Holiness (KC/PK) 2:40

"From Kevin's point of view I suspect that the very poor quality of this is its saving grace as he's sounds the worse for wear drink wise. Mind you, from a fan's point of view this is brilliant stuff as he is so funny in a cringing kind of way. No one escapes his wrath from the Poles stealing wellies to Eamon De Velera. Johnny Cash is suddenly turned on and becomes a leather-clad gun-wielding fascist. What is it they say? 'Not for general consumption'." (Erik)
Yeah... Fat Girl is dedicated to Joan Amastrading: "Only woman who looks black and IS black", half of Can't Stand It No More is an harmonica solo, etc.
Most of the unreleased are really improv.

Cheers Folks!
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KEVIN COYNE - Manege, Munich 21-03-1985 (2 CD) @ 160
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