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KEVIN COYNE - Radio Concert, ICC Berlin, 03.09.1981 @ 320

KEVIN COYNE - Radio Concert, ICC Berlin, 03.09.1981 @ 320
(by request)

Pascal said:

Probably the first ever Coyne bootleg. Issued in the 80s? Source: FM, Sep 3 1981. Recorded live at Funkausstellung in the ICC Berlin
Kevin Coyne with John Etheridge (guitar, from Soft Machine), Steve Lamb (bass) and Dave Sheen (drums) 

1. Eastbourne
2. The old fashioned love song
3. Turpentine / Beethoven
4. I don’t know
5. Dark dance
6. Day to
7. America
8. Stand up
9. A loving hand
This is the complete radio broadcast, in difference to the LP version.
 In 2006, Harald, the guy who actually recorded the show, wrote this:
"The correct date is 3rd September 1981, it was a concert with 4 acts at the "Funkausstellung" in the ICC Berlin. The correct setlist is Eastbourne ladies, Old fashioned love song, Turpentine, I don't know what to do, Dark dance hall/Day to day, America, Stand up, A loving hand, and an encore that has not been broadcasted on the radio; I don't remember anymore what is was, only that Steve Lamb did not came back on stage - only Dave Sheen and John Etheridge accompanied Kevin on that last one. It has been a very strange audience, Bad Manners was the main act, and unfortunately their fans made much trouble that you can hear of throughout the set ("I‚m not a popstar, so forget about it" etc. - but I don't know whether the bootleg really documents all these things?). Kevin even let is pants down and showed his ass to the audience (you may identify this scene by the reaction in the audience during John's solo in I don't know what to do). Really a bad context for a brilliant band. The interplay of the band has been extremely fascinating and full of energy - nothing that compares with Rough live (I also like Pete Kirtley, especially his Bush Telegraph with Steve Lamb on bass, but John Etheridge - even if he has spoken not very good about this time - is simply somewhat better)...
The Death of Ludwig van Beethoven was just a mini-sketch, not really a song. Just Kevin smoking on the stage (what was not allowed, of course), choking. Most probably a spontaneous idea. He had many of them those days"
Harald also provided a cdr transfer of the show, feat. 2 extra songs from a Dec 1983 show at the Quasimodo in Berlin.
Sometimes found as a three show CDR: Radio Concert, Berlin, Germany, 1981 + Zundfunk, 1994 + Mountain Charleston, 1999.

Thanks to Uwe for this show!

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Poor said...

KEVIN COYNE - Radio Concert, ICC Berlin, 03.09.1981 @ 320
Cheers Folks !

Anonymous said...

Dear Poor ( & Uwe ), thank you so so much !!! You made something happen I`ve never ever suspected to become true in this live. I recorded a tape from the fm show in `81 on my own and this tape was my best kept treasure until I ereased it by mistake. I thought I`ll never be able to listen to it again but I always had it in my mind because I heard it a thousand times before. So you brought back a part of my youth 34 years ago. You see, I`m really touched. Love to you, Bernhard

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody there!! It's been ages since I've posted a comment in here!!
Anyway, still great work on your blog --- downloading at the moment. Unfortunately, I don't think I have Kevin covers in store to offer, unless I'm stumbling on a more than rare tape.... It's all at: sergefrancesca.bandcamp.com I think!! The songs, things, Beautiful and some ugly too, still there'll be..... less bad bricoles to erase soon.
Cheers & thanks again!!
Serge Zéni.