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KEVIN COYNE - 1986-07-19 - NUERNBERG, Burggrabe

KEVIN COYNE - 1986-07-19 - NUERNBERG, Burggraben  
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Spacebandit said:

Burggraben, Nuernberg, Germany
July - 19 - 1986
Outdoor show
from SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 705
Rec. Info:
unknown lineaged very low-gen FM recording. This tape (TDK SA90) -> playback on NAK DR3* -> HD -> WeTransfer -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC ->
YOUR EARS AND MIND...on turpentine! * done by SEETHEFUZZ7
Unfortunately just a snippet of this great show from one of the finest singer/songwriters ever walked this earth! Also, the tracks are definitely not in the correct running order,
as all tracks faded out (quite amateurishly done) during the applause. The first song is maybe the last of this show, or at least the last before the encore. My guess is that this
origins from a BR3 "Zündfunk" broadcast. Anyway, the sound is very nice to excellent. I added a bit more low end for a more satisfying listening.
As mentioned before, KEVIN COYNE, multitaltented artist of music, poetry and painting, left this world far too early. A few weeks before his 61th birthday he passed away from the
complications of a lungdesease in late 2004. A resident of Nuernberg since 1985, he chose Germany as his home to concentrate on his full scale of artistry and got married there, too.
Praised as an so called "anti-star", he never floated along with the music biz, but stood straight and strong to his own believes. Great man, indeed.
My first encounter with him was when I watched a videotape of his 1976 Rockpalast show in the early 80's and thought: Well, that guy is really MAD! But I loved the performance.
Unfortunately I saw him only once in 1990 at infamous "Hyde Park" in Osnabrueck, when he opened for Randy California's SPIRIT. I can cleary remember him grumbling about the fact that
"someone" teamed him up with that band (all in the "sung" song interludes!) and surely he stole the show from them. Think I shit in my pants from laughter about this crazy supreme
cynical humour... Ok, it was an odd pairing, indeed. So, I hope there are a lot more tapes from him out there, waiting to be released or reseeded in the year of his 70th anniversary
and sadly the 10th of his passing. And wherever his soul is now, he won't be the comfortable guy, but a righteous man who never let anyone bow him. SB.
ALL THAT WAS ON TAPE (36:04 min.)

01. Turpentine (4:15)
02. The World is Full of Fools (4:33)
03. Tell the Truth (6:03)
04. Mummy (6:10)
05. Saviour (6:29)
06. Gina's song (6:11)
07. Let me be with you (2:20) fades out midsong

Setlist is a matter of guess, sorry no PRETTY PARK or HOUSE ON THE HILL here...
Also, unfortunately no details about the lineup. Maybe someone can help with both?

Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. No lossy net use! Flac rules!
If you wanna get some turpentine? Tasty!

Uploaded for the memory of KEVIN COYNE (27.01.1944 -> 02.12.2004) on DIME by Spacebandit 2014/09/02 "

Uwe sent more info:

"The 3rd track is ‘Tell the truth’ from “Politicx” album.

Line up: 
Hans Pukke (guitar), 
Robert Steinhart (bass) and 
Falk Steffen (drums). 

The show happened the day after the band returned from their GDR tour that we have as bootleg too."

Thanks for Spacebandit and people from Dime for this boot.
Also thanks to Uwe for more info.

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