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KEVIN COYNE - 1980 Sanity Stomp @ flac

KEVIN COYNE - 1980 Sanity Stomp (EAC,log,cue,flac,scans)

Pascal said :
Virgin VGD 3504, Nov 1980
(W. German Virgin 301 427-406)
(really two albums released together)
Back cover art by Robert Coyne

Disc #1 Produced by Paul Wickens at Berry Street Studios (engineered by David Hunt)
Kevin Coyne with Paul Fox (guitar), Segs (bass), Dave Duffy (drums), Gary Barnacle (sax) and Paul Wickens (keyboards) [actually, the band The Ruts]

Fat Man 2:30
The Monkey Man 3:04
How Strange 2:32
Somewhere In My Mind 3:25
When (See You Again?) (KC/PW) 2:32
Taking On The World 3:11
No Romance (KC/PW) 4:00
Too Dark (One For The Hero) (KC/PW) 2:45
Admit You're Wrong 3:55
Formula Eyes 2:09

Disc #2 Produced by Kevin Coyne at Alvic (engineered by Mike)
Kevin Coyne with Brian Godding (guitar and keyboards), Robert Wyatt (drums), and a bit of Bob Ward (guitar)

New Motorway 2:58
A Loving Hand 3:07
Fear Of Breathing 3:33
In Silence 4:36
Taking On The Bowers (KC/RW) 3:19 (or 'Take On The Bowers')
Wonderful Wilderness (KC/BG) 7:48
My Wife Says 3:58
The World Speaks (KC/BG) 2:27
You Can't Kill Us 2:04

CD release (1CD): Virgin CDV 3504, released in 1991.

Record #1 is pure power pop and works quite well; record #2 is very innovative avant-garde with Robert Wyatt.
In 1988, Brian Godding released a great instrumental jazz-rock LP called "Slaughter on Shaftesbury Avenue", recorded for the most part with GLS and where he played some of the themes from Sanity Stomp #2.

Says Kevin about 'Sanity': " I was quite ill when I made that record, as a matter of fact; I was quite mad, basically. That’s why it’s called Sanity Stomp. I had a nervous breakdown and, ironically, I don’t want to say ironically...amazingly...I was able to carry on making records. That’s a record I made when I was clinically ninety-five per cent nuts, and the themes are rather odd, but somehow it comes out as sounding all right. I’m amazed."

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Mike said...

Hiya Poor,

I was astounded and thrilled to find this blog. I've been a Kevin Coyne fan since the Siren days. At that time Rolling Stone magazine was giving away both Siren LPs with a paid subscription. Yep, I'm old. In fact, I was born the same year as Kevin, and was saddened to hear of his death (on this blog). Anyway, I plan on mining your wonderful site in the days ahead, and want to thank you for putting this tribute together.


styreneboy said...

Fantastic blog! Kevin's been a favourite of mine since my pre-punk days, and I never realised at the time that so many other punks were into him. You've certainly saved me some time ripping my old vinyl...Thanks very much.

By the way, you haven't got Politicz ripped have you, my vinyl sounds OK, but judging by what I've heard here, I bet yours is better!

Thanks again

poor said...

Thanks for nice words styreneboy.
But Politicz is available album and WILL NOT BE posted here.
You can order album via
Pascal's Kevin Coyne Page!

Anonymous said...

Could you repost this album for me at all. Great blog by the way


Anonymous said...

Please repost if possible. Lovely work you're doing. Kevin was a one off

Poor said...

A brand new links :


Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Thanks ever so much for re-upping this - the only weblink to it, and a must for Ruts fans too! Cheers, Dave Sez.

pinkpressthreat said...

thankyou, and thanks to Dave Sez for the heads up :)

vishangro said...

massive thanks, only had part one for some time, excellent.