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KEVIN COYNE - 1991 Peel Sessions @ 192


Pascal said:
Strange Fruit SFR 112, released 1990

Marlene 2:46
Cheat Me 3:41
Ey Up Me Duck 4:08 [unreleased]
The Miner's Song 4:00 [unreleased]
Evil Island Home 4:55
Araby 5:12 [not on LP]
Dance Of The Bourgeoisie 3:26 [not on LP]
Do Not Shout At Me Father 3:20 [unreleased]
Need Somebody 5:08
Poor Swine 2:50
Rivers Of Blood 3:17
Lunatic 5:47 [not on LP]
I Only Want To See You Smile 2:13 [not on LP]
That's Rock 'N'Roll 3:18 [unreleased]
A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots 4:02 [unreleased]
I Couldn't Love You (HP/KC) 3:38

Marlene / Cheat Me, The PEEL SESSIONS CD says these were recorded Sep 27 1973 for the BBC (first broadcast Oct 6 1973 for Rock On), but they are really the tracks from MARJORY RAZORBLADE. "Session produced" by Pete Ritzema.

Araby / Do Not Shout At Me Father / Need Somebody / Poor Swine, recorded Jan 24 1974, first broadcast Jan 31 1974 (Top Gear/Sound of the Seventies), produced by John Walters, Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass), Chili Charles (drums).

The Miner's Song / Evil Island Home / Dance of the Bourgeoisie, recorded Nov 26 1974, first broadcast Dec 10 1974, (Top Gear/Sound of the Seventies), Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass), Terry Slade (drums), Pete Nu (keyboards), Rick Dodds [?] (sax).

Rivers Of Blood / Lunatic / I Only Want To See You Smile / That's Rock 'N'Roll, recorded Feb 22 1978, first broadcast Mar 1 1978, produced by Malcolm Brown.

Ey Up Me Duck / A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots, recorded Sep 5 1979, first broadcast Sep 19 1979, produced by Trevor Dann, Bob Ward.

I Couldn't Love You (HP/KC), recorded Feb 11 1990, first broadcast Mar 3 1990, produced by Dale Griffin, Hans Pukke (guitar), Henry Beck (keyboards), Friedl Pohrer (bass), Martin Mueller (drums). Same session as one of the BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 1990-1999.

Essential album. Kevin Coyne is so good live, even on the radio (just omit last song).

Kevin Coyne recorded many more songs for John Peel's radio shows that were not released; see Clive Product's book for details; also the BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 1990-1999 bootleg (see 1999)

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Oldfern said...

Thanks for the very good job. The first concert of my life is Kevin Coyne at the théater Campagne première in Paris on 1973 or 1974. Your blog is for my me the book of my life. more thanks !

Anonymous said...

thank you very much
keep on!

Anonymous said...

was always a special treat when Peel announced a new Coyne session and put on that first tune- Especially if you hadn't expected it- I still mentally associate Peel and Kevin's voices fondly- Peel's relaxed laconic tones- fading into opening parts of Coyne's latest contribution

Anonymous said...

this would be appreciated too...

Poor said...

New link :

Peel Sessions @ 192